There are many delicious ways to prepare corn. From simple corn on the cob to a delicious corn pudding, some type of corn dish can please most palates.

Of course, the simplest way to prepare corn is to make corn on the cob. Corn on the cob can be boiled or steamed. First, remove the husk and the corn silk and discard. Corn silk can be tricky, and sometimes a good, stiff brush is needed to remove it completely. Then, place cobs into a large pot and either boil or steam them. Like any vegetable, the longer the corn is boiled, the softer it becomes.

Those who like corn to be merely warm and somewhat crisp should boil the corn one or two minutes. It may take a little longer if the corn has been refrigerated. Those who prefer corn to be softer should boil the corn for five or six minutes. Steaming is more time consuming. Place corn in a steamer and steam for four to twelve minutes, depending upon the desired consistency. Corn on the cob can also be grilled. Wrap the cobs in tin foil and place on the barbecue pit for thirty minutes or so, turning every five minutes. Grilled corn on the cob recipes may be found at If desired, salt, pepper, and butter the prepared corn.

Corn can be fried as well. Either use frozen corn or, for a fresher taste, use fresh corn and scrape it off the cob with a knife. Lightly fry the corn in butter or vegetable oil. Add some salt and pepper. For a delicious twist, add some fried bacon to the corn. This is a delicious way to prepare corn, but remember, it is certainly not the healthiest way. Grandmother was probably not dieting when she cooked corn like this.

Creamed corn is also delicious. Either use frozen corn or scrape it off of the cob. Then simmer the corn, stirring periodically, until cooked. Drain the water and add cream and butter. Some recipes also add cream cheese to the mix. The scraped, fresh corn will actually taste better, because when the corn is removed from the cob, a “milk” is created that adds to the creamy texture of the dish. Again, not as healthy as boiled, steamed, or grilled corn on the cob. Try for some creamed corn recipes.

Corn pudding is a favorite holiday dish. There are many variations of corn pudding. Some contain peppers or onions. Others include cornbread or breadcrumbs. Usually, frozen corn or canned corn kernels are used in corn pudding. The corn is put in a greased baking dish with other ingredients such as cheese, breadcrumbs, butter and spices and baked in the oven. One or two eggs must be mixed in to make the mixture set. Then, the pudding is baked at approximately 350 degrees, uncovered. also has a wide variety of corn pudding recipes.

Corn can be prepared so many ways. Use it to make bread or polenta, or just eat it off the cob. Corn is extremely versatile, and usually there is some recipe that will please just about anybody.


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