Beef Tenderloin is meant to be a very juicy, tender cut of meat that you can savor on your palette. You can serve this with a variety of sauces or plain because when cooked correctly your beef tenderloin will produce a juice that is complimentary to the dish itself.

To correctly cook a beef tenderloin there are many steps to achieve a desired result. You will first need to make sure that the fat and silver skin is trimmed away. A silver skin is the silver color connecting tissue that runs through the length of your beef tenderloin meat cut. The silver skin does not dissolve when you cook this roast style meat cut. The fat and silver skin will also cause your beef tenderloin to curl up into the shape of a half moon making for an unpleasant appeal to your entrée. You can do this by using a sharp knife and cutting it away yourself. However, you will want to make sure that you do not cut away the good meat. An alternative method is to ask the butcher where you purchase your beef tenderloin if they would do this for you when you make your purchase.

When you are done trimming away the fat and silver skin your beef tenderloin will lose the structure and have a flat appearance. To cook your beef tenderloin roast evenly you will want to make your meat cut as round as possible. This can be done by trussing. Using kitchen string or trussing cords, tie them around your beef tenderloin to give it a round design. You will need to make sure that the kitchen string or trussing cords are tied firmly to hold your desired shape but make sure that you do not tie it too tightly as this will also provide negative results. The kitchen string or trussing cords should be placed around the beef tenderloin meat cut evenly spaced approximately one half inch from each other. Again you can ask your butcher if you purchase your beef tenderloin from a meat shop to do the trussing for you.

Searing Your Beef Tenderloin

To lock in the flavors from you beef tenderloin roast you will want to sear this prior to roasting. To sear your meat cut you will need a frying pan large enough to hold your beef tenderloin, cooking oil, salt and peppercorn seasons. Rub the entire surface of your beef tenderloin with the cooking oil. Sprinkle your beef tenderloin with salt and peppercorns, rubbing these seasonings into the meat and pressing the peppercorns in with your hands. Do not add any of the cooking oil to your pan itself. Heat your frying pan and add your beef tenderloin roast to the pan. Cook each of the out sides of your beef tenderloin for approximately three minutes each to lock in the flavor and juices.

Roasting Your Beef Tenderloin

Once you have the entire outer area of your beef tenderloin roast seared you will need to place the beef tenderloin into a roasting pan large enough to accommodate the size of your meat cut. Beef tenderloins cook best at high temperatures in the oven. You will want to place your beef tenderloin uncovered in your roasting pan at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty to forty minutes depending on your personal preference for your meat. Using a meat thermometer you can test the inside temperature of your beef tenderloin. If you prefer your meat rare this the reading will be one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. If your preference of meat is medium to medium well the temperature will read one hundred twenty five to one hundred thirty degrees Fahrenheit. A well done reading is one hundred thirty to one hundred thirty five degrees Fahrenheit. You do not want to cook the beef tenderloin past this temperature as the meat will begin getting very tough and chewy.

Serving Your Beef Tenderloin

When you have finished roasting your beef tenderloin roast you will want to serve this entrée in an appetizing manner. Using a large sharp carving knife begin slicing your beef tenderloin in quarter inch thick slices. Save the juice that drips from your beef tenderloin. Remove the kitchen string or trussing cords after cutting your beef tenderloin. This will help to hold the meat in place making it easier to carve. Arrange your slices of beef neatly on a serving tray or platter. Pour your desired sauce, gravy or juice drippings over the sliced pieces of beef tenderloin.

Grilling Tips

During the summer everyone enjoys the great tastes of barbequed meals. The beef tenderloin is a great cut of meat for this purpose as it cooks quickly and tastes great. Follow all of the above directions until you reach the roasting portion. After searing you can wrap your beef tenderloin cut in aluminum foil and place on a hot grill. Use your thermometer to test the inside temperature of your beef tenderloin and serve as directed above.


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