Clean Vinyl Flooring
Clean Vinyl Flooring

All floors need to be maintained well to keep the beauty they came with when they were first installed. Cleaning vinyl flooring is important to preserve quality. Maintaining your floor will prevent an unwanted expense later in time and protect the time and the monetary investment already put into it.

Vinyl flooring lasts for a long period of time and is very durable but just like floors and other assets in your home they need to be cleaned regularly. A simple step like cleaning will extend the life of the flooring.

What Should Be Done to Keep Vinyl Flooring in Perfect Condition?

  • After the installation of new flooring, do not walk on the area for the first 24 hour period. The temperature in the room should be approximately 68 degrees for 48 hours after the vinyl installation process and the room should be left empty with no furniture until after a period of 5 days. Do not mop the surface until after the minimum five day drying period. Before adding furniture such as chairs, check and make sure its casters are in good condition and will not scratch the floor surface. Repair the problem if it exists since casters are easy to replace.
  • All dust and dirt should be removed from the vinyl flooring using a broom or a vacuum that is safe to use on non-carpet floors. The vacuum that is used should not have a bar on it as this will harm the flooring. Though cleaning edges and corners is difficult, the attachments that come with the vacuum can be used to pick up debris from areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Cleaning the floor with water and a mop will bring back the shine. If the floor is extremely dirty, a small amount of ammonia and water can be used to clean with but must be followed with a thorough rinse to remove the residue. Usually, the manufacturer will provide cleaning instructions for the vinyl. If this is not available, mild dish washing liquid can be used in combination with water, but just like with the ammonia method, this also requires a thorough rinse with clean, warm water.

Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Flooring Clean

  • Never leave any spills on the floor for an extended period of time. Accidents happen and spills are inevitable, but to keep your floor and your home beautiful, always clean up spills immediately after they occur. Waiting too long will cause the stain to set and make removing the stain a very difficult task. The cleaner used should be applied using a cloth that is clean. Make sure the cleaner used is compatible with the vinyl surface to prevent damage. The cleaner selected should be self-cleaning. The manufacturer label will note this to take the guess work out and, just like with mopping, the floor must be rinsed to remove the cleaner.
  • Never use scrubbers or abrasives since this will scratch the vinyl flooring. Cleaners, soaps and other cleaning agents that are abrasives should be avoided.
  • Using floor polish that is recommended by the vinyl flooring manufacturer will help to increase the level of shine on the floor. It will leave your home sparkling clean and shiny.
  • If you notice a tear on or near the seams, do not use water, cleaners or polishing agents on the area. Immediately opt for repair of the affected area by a professional floor installer.

Maintaining your floors will take time, but considering the amount you invested, the extra time is well worth your effort. Your home is worth it.


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