Hard wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can require a lot of cleaning. Keeping your wood floors clean does not have to be a difficult task, however it may take a bit of time each week to keep them thoroughly clean. This guide will help you clean and care for your wood floors.


Wood floors should be swept as often as possible. It’s important to use a soft bristled broom when sleeping hard wood floors. Stiff or hard bristles could scratch the floor.


A couple times a week you may want to vacuum your wood floor. This will pick up the dirt and dust that sweeping alone cannot remove. Do not run a vacuum across your wood floor as this can cause bad scratches. You should use a brush attachment and vacuum the floor gently. Make sure to lift the vacuum directly off the wood floor and place it softly back down without dragging it. Never pull the vacuum across the floor by the attachment hose. This will cause scratching.

Stay Dry

It’s important to keep wood floors dry at all times. If any spills occur, clean them up immediately and thoroughly dry the area. Water can damage the wood and warp the flooring.


In high traffic areas, you may want to use a rug to help keep your wood floor clean and safe. Make sure to vacuum rugs frequently. Dirt can actually work its way under the rug and damage the floor below.


Mopping your wood floor will help keep it clean. Be sure to use a mop that is damp, but not wet. You never want to drip or dump water onto a wood floor. Make sure your mop is soft and that no plastic pieces are able to touch or drag on the ground. Plastic mop pieces could cause scratching to occur.

Waxing and Buffing

Some wood floors need to be waxed or buffed. Before waxing or buffing your floor, check your manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that waxing and buffing are necessary. Some floor scan be damaged by the process of waxing and buffing and some simply do not need it.

Alternative Cleaning

There are many alternative ways of cleaning a wood floor, which are very effective. One way to clean the wood floor is to put a bit of cleaner or polish on the bottom of old socks. You or your children can slide around on the wood floor to clean it. Old shirts can also make the perfect rags for cleaning a wood floor. Just make sure that everything you use to clean the wood floor is soft and incapable of scratching its surface.


Move the furniture periodically so that you can more thoroughly clean the wood floor. Be careful when moving furniture and make sure that it does not scratch your floor. Never drag your furniture. Always lift furniture carefully and set it back down. You will need to get another person to help you safely move furniture away from the wood floor.


One way to keep your wood floor clean is to avoid wearing shoes while walking on it. This will help reduce the likelihood of dirt tracking across the floor. In addition to a cleaner floor, not wearing shoes can also help your floor remain scratch free. High heels and heavy boots should never be worn on a wood floor because they can cause serious scratches to occur.


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