Homeowners are becoming increasingly attracted to the benefits that wood laminate floors are able to offer them. Such floors are durable, attractive, easy to install, and best of all; inexpensive. This makes them an ideal choice for both professionals and Do-it-Yourselfers. With proper maintenance and care, they can offer years of beauty and enjoyment.

To get the most out of your wood laminate floor, you will want to ensure you are cleaning it correctly. They do require different attention than tile or vinyl floors would normally require. The primary reason is the top few layers of most laminate floor planks are a paper that is protected by a very durable and advanced coating. It is on this paper that the wood grain pattern is printed. This means that standard cleaning supplies like Murphy’s Oil Soap and regular floor cleaners will not preserve the coating very well.

So how do you clean and maintain a wood laminate floor? This simple series of directions will help to keep your wood laminate floor attractive for years to come.

Step 1: Initial Clean Up

A bristle or plastic broom should be used to sweep the area. The coating on the floor is quite durable but can be scratched by pebbles, debris, or other sharp objects. This also makes dry mops with any metal on them a liability to your floor. Thoroughly sweep all debris and dirt off the floor.

Step 2: Dust Removal

A basic style of mop that has come to be used is simply a clean cloth on the end of a plastic pole. Companies make these for the express purpose of care of such surfaces. This mop should be taken over the swept area to remove any dust and dirt particles that may have remained from the broom sweeping. A variety of re-usable styles can be procured from your local hardware, department, or flooring store.

Step 3: Spray Coating

Specialty cleaners for wood laminate floors can be had from a variety of retailers. One would check home improvement stores, any retailer that sells flooring, or simply order the product online. Larger big-box retailers may offer some solutions in their own chemicals, furniture, or flooring department. Be sure that the cleaner clearly states that it is safe for wood laminate flooring. If it is not, use of the cleaner could leave a film or a streaky residue across your floor. Spray a light dusting of the cleaner across the appropriate area.

Step 4: Mopping It Up

One will want to grab the mob they used during Step 2 and replace the cloth with a nice clean one. If you do not replace the cloth you will be grinding dust and grime back into the coating which can cause gouges and scratches. Use this to mop up the moisture while applying light pressure. Too much pressure could cause scratches from any lingering debris not picked up in the prior Steps. Use the mop in a buffer-like fashion to clean the flooring thoroughly.

The care of wood laminate flooring is not at all problematic other than being careful to monitor what is coming into contact with it. One wants to avoid sharp edges on their cleaning utensils so they do not gouge chunks out of the laminate and ruin the quality. This short process will ensure you have an attractive, durable floor and coating for years to come.

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