Ceramic tile is popular because of the beauty that it adds to a home. There are different colors and sizes to choose from. If you plan to install them in your home, you must be aware of how to take care of them and keep them clean as well as beautiful.

Removing Dirt from Your Ceramic Tile Floor

Just like with a regular floor, a ceramic tile floor must be swept on a regular basis. The dirt must be removed to prevent a change in shade. Sweeping will remove the accumulated dirt. A vacuum cleaner can be used but use one that is safe for the tile and will not scratch it. A broom is the best tool to use since it will not scratch the floor.

When you first enter a home, your shoes may have dirt on them. Use mats to wipe your feet on to prevent the dirt from reaching your tiles. Invest in good quality mats sincethis will also prevent wear and tear to the tile finish.

Mopping and Cleaning

Some tiles may require scrubbing with brushes or polishers and scrubbers. Once the cleaning process is complete, ensure the solution used is thoroughly removed from the tiles. Using warm water will remove the left over cleaning solution.

Damp mopping will also help to clean the tiles and bring back the shine. Usually, the manufacturer will recommend the cleaning solutions and/or accessories to use to maintain your ceramic tiles. Only use the recommended products to prevent damage. If the tile area has a heavy amount of dirt, a sponge will work with the used cleaner. The cleaner can be wiped off with a cloth or towel to prevent streaking.

The Cleaning Method

The first step is to fill two buckets with water. One bucket will be used with the cleaner and the other for rinsing. The first step is to sweep or vacuum and remove the dirt from the grout and tile surface. Collect and discard the dirt collected in the dustpan. You’ll need a mop, cloth or sponge to clean with and another cloth to dry the floor.

For floors that are excessively dirty, use a small amount of vinegar. Just a couple of drops will work. Dish washing detergent will also work well to eliminate the dirty look and feel. Saturate the mop with the cleaning solution and mop the floor. Make sure the floor is rinsed thoroughly each time the mop is used on the floor. Do not keep using the same water repeatedly. In order to properly clean the floor, keep changing the water especially, if the scrubbing process must be repeated. The final step is to dry the floor with towels.

Tips to Keep Your Ceramic Tiles Clean and Looking New

• Always use cleaning materials that won’t damage the tile. Scouring pads or pads of steel wool should never be used since the will damage the tile surface.
• Cleaning solutions that contain bleach or ammonia will cause the tile color to lose its beauty. In order to keep the original color, avoid using these types of cleaners.
• Do not use an oil-based cleaner to clean your tiles.
• Clean up any spills immediately to prevent the grout from changing color.
• Always clean ceramic tile floors with warm water.

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