When you have ceramic tile, whether it is in your kitchen or bathroom, it is very important that you want to clean it on a regular basis to avoid mold and having it look dirty or grungy. It is always important with any cleaners that you may use to test a small area before trying it throughout. It is also important not to mix cleaners as doing so can have some devastating results.

When you want to clean your ceramic tile grout you can purchase cleaners that are designed to clean the grout, or you can use some common household cleaners that will give you the same result. If you have a colored grout a great mix that you can use is baking soda, water, and white vinegar. It will work wonders on your colored grout. What you will need to do it spread the paste on the grout, then you will put a little bit of the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the grout.

You will then need to use a little bit of elbow grease to scrub the grout but the end result will be great. If you have white or a lighter color grout a liquid bleach will be a good option to use. Bleach is most effective against mold and mildew without costing you a fortune. Make sure that when you are using a liquid bleach product to clean your grout that you ventilate the house by opening windows and doors so that you can air out the bleach smell and it does not make you sick. If you start to feel a little lightheaded then make sure that you take a break and also wear gloves and old clothes because there is a chance that you could get bleach stains on your clothing.

One way that you can use the bleach to clean your grout is to dip paper or cloth towels into a sink of a bleach mixture of one part bleach and one part water. You will then need to wring the towels out and lay them on the grout where it meets a flat surface. Allow them to sit on the area anywhere from 30-60 minutes and then you will need to wash the area with water and your grout will look as good as new. You can also use some soapy water and bleach and dip an old toothbrush in it and scrub the grout and that will give you some good results as well. This method will work better for you when you are trying to clean the ceramic tile grout that you have in your bathroom on the walls.

You can also substitute the bleach for peroxide if you have reactions using bleach. It is a little bit more expensive it will not make your house smell as bad. Once you have cleaned your grout it is always a good idea to go to a hardware store and purchase some grout sealer. The way that the sealer works is that it forms a barrier that will not allow mold and mildew to get through. But only apply the sealer once you have cleaned the grout and you are sure that it is free of any mold and mildew. Cleaning the ceramic tile grout is a great way to refresh your home. You want to make sure that you keep the grout as clean as possible at all times because if you get a mold or mildew problem with your grout it can be very expensive if you have to call in professionals to clean it for you.

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