Mini steppers or mini stair steppers are small, light, easy to use exercise devices which are designed for home use. A mini stepper is intended to help one work out at home privately and efficiently and will provide a workout similar to that of the elliptical machines which can be seen in gyms and health clubs. The biggest difference however will be the price. A good mini stepper can usually be had in the one hundred to one hundred fifty dollar range.

What will a fitness mini stepper offer one in terms of a workout? Mini steppers will present the user with a calorie burning cardio work out as well as a way to lower body fat while simultaneously tightening and toning the calves, thighs and buttocks. On average a ten minute mini stepper workout can burn one hundred calories. One ten minute workout per day can result in weight loss of approximately one pound per month. Combine this with a sensible diet and a novice exerciser will be well on his or her way to a healthier lifestyle.

Before purchasing or using a body mini stepper one would be wise to evaluate personal fitness goals and investigate a variety of mini stepper options. Mini steppers are available in an assortment of configurations with a diverse choice of options. Most mini steppers are built on sturdy tubular steel bases although some of the very inexpensive steppers will have a PVC base. Foot pedals should be large enough that your shoes will fit onto the pads comfortably and securely. The foot pedals on most steppers alternate up and down just as if one were walking up stairs. Many manufacturers will vary the length of gait and the angle of stride to market their mini stair stepper as unique.

After you’ve decided whether you’re an occasional or avid exerciser you’ll next want to consider your budget. These will be the two most important factors to know before implementing a search for your perfect mini stepper. Researching a mini stepper exerciser can be cumbersome because there are so many choices. Establishing a price range will help to narrow down the choices. While investigating mini steppers it’s best to keep these factors in mind.

Resistance Levels – Low priced mini steppers will not offer variable resistance. As the quality of the equipment increases resistance levels will be adjustable. Resistance adjustability is something you’ll want once your fitness level improves.

Machine Stability – Make sure the sports mini stepper you purchase has a stable and level base. If possible try it out on both a carpeted and tile floor. Make sure it is wide enough and heavy enough that it won’t move around while you’re working out.

Pedal Size and Position – Obviously, you’ll want pedals that fit your feet and are comfortable with a nonslip surface. Also, make sure the stride length and angle are comfortable for your personal stepping style.

Heart Rate Monitor – If at all possible, a heart rate monitor is highly recommended. The monitor will help you adjust your exertion so you’ll get adequate cardiovascular exercise. Whether a cord connects to your finger or around your chest, heart rate monitors will have some way of reading your heart rate and displaying the results on the console.

Hand Rails and Upper Body Attachments – Hand rails are an option on many of the intermediately priced mini steppers. These hand rails will help with balance while exercising. Some hand rails are static and solid providing a stable handhold while others move in conjunction with the mini stepper foot pads and provide an upper body workout in addition to the lower body workout and the added balance factor.

Other options available on many mini steppers are a programmable consoles, reading racks and drink holders. The console on a mini stepper will generally show number of steps completed. More expensive steppers may include consoles with further display options including estimated calories burned, elapsed time or a countdown clock.

Those not familiar with regular exercise should find using a mini stepper a good introduction to building a regular exercise routine. Mini steppers are simple to use and most are lightweight and fit easily into a home workout area.

The good news about shopping for a mini stepper is the number of choices. There are dozens of manufacturers offering numerous models. The bad news about shopping for a mini stepper is the fact that many people may find the number of choices confusing. With a little investigation one should be able to find a mini aerobic stepper that will provide an effective work out at a modest price.

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