Basic house cleaning doesn’t have to be looked upon as drudgery. It can be done simply if one creates a housecleaning schedule and sticks to it. It is easier to maintain a clean home if the cleaning is broken up into daily small jobs instead of trying to do it all in just one day. An example would be Mondays for vacuuming, Tuesdays for scrubbing floors, Wednesdays for dusting, and so on.

There are housecleaning chores that should be done on a daily basis, weekly basis, and a monthly basis. Doing chores this way will insure one has a clean home when unexpected visitors arrive or when hosting the annual Christmas dinner.

A daily chore list should include small tasks that can be done throughout the house in a short amount of time.

1.The bedroom chores should include making the bed and putting clothes in a hamper or putting them away.
2.The kitchen chores should include loading and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen sink, wiping the counters and table, and doing a sweeping of the floor.
3.The bathroom chores include wiping down the mirrors and shower stall, picking up dirty clothes, and leaving it looking orderly when you leave.
4.Other chores to be done throughout the house include doing a load of laundry, straightening up the house by putting such things as clutter, mail, and laundry in their proper places, straightening shoes, and cleaning hot spots. Hot spots are areas such as the dining room table or desk where items tend to accumulate.

Weekly housecleaning is a little more involved so it usually takes longer to accomplish.

1. The carpets throughout the house should be vacuumed and all floors should be scrubbed. This includes floors in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and entry ways.
2. The furniture in every room of the house should be dusted and the glass surfaces should be cleaned. Cobwebs should be swept down from the ceilings.
3. The bathrooms should be deep cleaned by cleaning the shower stalls, sinks, and toilets. Mirrors should be wiped down, laundry taken out, and towels folded.
4. The kitchen has a lot to maintain on a weekly basis. The kitchen should be cleaned by scrubbing the floor, and wiping down the table, chairs, and counters. This is also the time to clean the toaster, stovetop, and microwave. The outside of major appliances should be wiped down along with the kitchen cabinets. Leftovers should be removed from the refrigerator.
5. Additional weekly chores include maintaining the clutter around the house, changing the bed sheets, maintaining the laundry, emptying the trash, and cleaning trash cans. The front and back porches should also be cleaned on a weekly basis by sweeping or hosing down, putting items where they belong, and wiping away cobwebs.

There are a few housecleaning chores which should be done on a monthly basis.

1.In the kitchen, these include detail cleaning of appliances such as the refrigerator and oven, cleaning shelves and cupboards, wiping down walls, and throwing away old and expired food.
2.Throughout the house, one should dust ceiling fans, clean the light fixtures, clean air vents, wipe down walls, dust windowsills and clean windows, and spot clean carpets.
3.This is also a good time to check the smoke alarms in the house to insure the batteries are working properly.

Aside from the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning one needs to do, a quick “3-minute pick-up” in every room can do wonders for a speedy cleanup. It works great if everyone in the family is assigned a room and a timer.

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