Most of us don’t give much consideration to the lowly bathroom fixture that is the toilet. They aren’t generally a topic of conversation in everyday society. But of all the things you will install in your home, the toilet takes on the worst job on earth day in and day out. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the options available so that you’ll know your toilet will be there for you when you really need it most.

Types of Toilets

A toilet is a toilet is a toilet, right? Well actually, there are several different types of toilets, each of which uses a different approach to flushing. Regardless of their flushing mechanism, all toilets are limited by law to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Deciding which type is best for your home and family shouldn’t be difficult once you have done a little research.

Gravity Toilets

These types of toilets are the most commonly used toilets in residential homes. As the name suggests, these toilets rely on gravity to pull the waste through your plumbing to your sewer or septic system. Gravity toilets do have a tendency to clog if the trap is too small, so consider buying one with a larger trap to keep things flowing smoothly. Also, keep in mind that with the higher priced models you are paying for style and color, not necessarily function.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

Everyone is familiar with these toilets, though you may not have previously known their name. These are the toilets that you can flush in the back of a super-store and people in the parking lot will hear it! While they are best utilized in commercial bathrooms, pressure assisted toilets are an option in the home if your main concern is preventing clogs. Just be sure you can live with the noise before you choose this type of toilet.

Vacuum Toilets

Vacuum toilets operate much in the same way as gravity toilets, but create a vacuum to suction waste out of the bowl. Because these toilets rely so heavily on the force of the vacuum, they are very water efficient. They tend to clog less than standard gravity toilets and are relatively quiet in comparison to the super-force pressure assisted toilets. However, only a handful of companies manufacture them, so finding one you like might take a little extra leg work.

Toilet style and design:

• Round bowl design can accommodate tighter areas and tend to be less expensive. Some prefer elongated bowls for comfort and appearance. The choice is an entirely personal one as the shape of the bowl has no impact on the function of the toilet.

• Toilets are available in many colors and shapes. When shopping for a toilet other than the standard white, be very careful to compare all of its features to the less expensive models. Otherwise you could find yourself the owner of a very attractive toilet that doesn’t work as well as the standard inexpensive ones!

• One piece and two piece is not just swimsuit lingo. There are traditional two piece toilets where the tank bolts on to the bowl, and there are one piece models that create a seamless look. One piece toilets do cost more, however.

Toilets in a Nutshell

Who knew you had so many options in terms of toilets? There are even luxury toilets out there for those seeking the ultimate in comfort and style. Visit Inventor Spot for information on luxury toilets you never dreamed of! The type and style you choose will determine the tone of your whole bathroom, so choose wisely.

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