If you need storage shelves, the most obvious way to solve the problem is to buy a cheap set of wooden or plastic shelves already assembled. For the more adventurous, an unassembled kit of storage shelves requiring the purchaser to build themselves might be a viable alternative as well. If you’re mechanically inclined, or just plain hard to please with the pre-packaged sets, then designing and building your own entire set of storage shelves from beginning to end might work as well. Whatever you decide on, this guide will help you along to making your decision as well as how to go about carrying out your chosen course of action.

Pre-Assembled Shelves

Not that you need much help learning how to purchase shelves, but this does need to be explained here just in case anyone reads this and realizes that this may be the best option for themselves, their budget, and the location of their new shelves. If you are satisfied with a set of plastic shelves, or are willing to shell out more money to invest in a really high quality set of shelves, then purchasing a ready-made set might be the way to go. This can be the best option for those who are not mechanically inclined or those who do not have much time on their hands. This should also only be considered if you have a convenient method of transporting your pre-assembled shelves. If you do not, then look further down at the packages for consumers to set up on their own.

Matched Set to Put Together Yourself

This can be a bit time consuming, especially if you are not skilled in the art of assembly, even with directions. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the directions are simple to comprehend. It is not at all out of the ordinary for these sets to come with directions that could only be understood by the men who wrote them, if even them. Make sure you have a hammer and a few different sized screwdrivers, then sit down and go over the directions. Go over them once, then read them a second time and take detailed notes to ensure that you understand the process from start to finish. Once you are assured of this, begin to construct your shelves. Just a tip, regardless of what the directions say, its always easiest to build from inside to out rather than find yourself squinting into corners later on as you consider taking the entire set apart in order to fit a last inside piece.

The Do it Yourself Method

If you’re brave, up for an experiment, or looking to save money, then this method is one you may want to dedicate an afternoon to. First, decide on the height of your shelves. Select side-planks big enough for the width and this selected height. Choose the length accordingly. Next choose shelves, the appropriate number and length. Decide on the color, if you plan on using paint, and paint all of the pieces the night before you plan to construct your shelves. Once the parts have dried, then get out a hammer and a lot of nails. Lay one of the side planks onto its side and nail each of the shelves onto it before attaching the matching side plank to the other end of the shelves. Make sure that the shelves are evenly spaced and that the side planks are matching in parallel. At this point, Nail in the top and bottom planks as well. Turn the shelves right side up, and you should have a completed set of storage shelves, built entirely on your own. A couple of tries should help you get this method down like a professional, but even the first time you will feel pride in having completed this daunting task on your own.

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