As many homes are equipped with conventional ovens, this has become the traditional tool in which to prepare meals. However, as times are changing and many families spend little or no quality time together, the use of convention ovens seem to be feasible. As convection ovens prepare food in less time than traditional ovens, this allows more quality time to be spent among family members. Learning how to cook in a convection oven is quite easy once you gain an understanding of how convection ovens work and familiarize yourself with its features.

What is a Convection Oven?

A convection oven, like a conventional oven, is a tool that is used to cook food. This oven has the ability to prepare food similar to a traditional oven, in that the same foods can be cooked with equal quality and taste. Convection ovens, however, do cook differently. Unlike traditional ovens, convection ovens use hot, forced air as a form of energy required to cook food. This forced air, which enters the convection oven by way of internal vents, has the ability to circulate throughout the oven, while evenly distributing heat. This evenly distributed air will allow uncooked food to cook evenly and thoroughly. Therefore, the use of this oven does not require food to be turned to the other side in order to cook to completion. The turning of food, in order to cook to completion, is a characteristic associated with conventional ovens.

Getting to Know Your Convection Oven

As convection ovens differ in style, it is important to know how your particular oven works. Although the features on a convection oven may differ slightly, the general use of these features are similar to those on a conventional oven. The basic features of a convectional oven consists of a start and end button in addition to a temperature setting feature and timer. Since convection ovens may differ among manufacturers, take time to familiarize yourself with the features of your particular oven; this will result in quality, tasty food you desire and expect.

How to Prepare Food in Your Convection Oven

Although convection ovens may slightly differ according to manufacturers, the cooking techniques remain the same. While using a convection oven, it is important to use pans with low sides. Such pans will allow hot, flowing air to be evenly distributed among the food. The use of pans with high sides result in poorly cooked food. As such, these foods do not receive a complete circulation of hot, flowing air in order to cook thoroughly. Another important cooking technique is to leave food uncovered, as covered food will not cook thoroughly. Any form of covered food will not be exposed to the proper amount of hot, circulating air. Keep in mind, that this is the sole use of energy used by a convection oven.

Things to Remember While Cooking with Your Convection Oven

While preparing some of your favorite dishes, it is important to use a food thermometer. This is especially true if your meal involves any type of whole poultry. Since the cooking time of a convection oven is shorter than that of a conventional oven, it is important to do a routine food check in order to ensure that your food is not insufficiently cooked or overcooked. Since the cooking time of a convection oven is approximately 20 to 25 percent shorter than that of a conventional oven, it may be desirable to check the readiness of your food at regular intervals, possibly every 30 minutes. As your food gets closer to being fully cooked, however, it is advisable to check the readiness of your food at shorter intervals.

Once you become familiar with your convection oven by reading the instruction manual and cooking various dishes, you will find how easy and feasible it is to use a convection oven. Simply keeping in mind the little things to remember, while using your convection oven, will result in the quality, tasty food you desire and expect. In no time, you will be on the road to cooking fabulous dishes your family will absolutely love. Additionally, as the time spent cooking will be less, you will gain quality time to spend with those you love. If you would like to receive additional tips on how to cook with a convection oven, watch the video below.


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