Cupcakes are a traditional treat that millions of people love to eat on a regular basis. Whether you’re baking cupcakes for a crowd or just as a single serving dessert for yourself, there is really no way to go wrong with just about any recipe you use. With the variety of different flavors and concoctions that you can come up with, it is no wonder that cupcakes are a huge hit no matter where you go. Just plop a little bit of frosting on the gooey cake and you are ready to settle down to a delicious dessert that is not going out of style anytime soon.

The Fun in Baking Cupcakes

Baking cupcakes can be a lot of fun. You will first want to find a recipe either in a handy cookbook or on the Internet. You may even want to make baking cupcakes a family tradition that brings all of your kids together. For some people, baking cupcakes is also a way to bring desserts to a function or a small delight to people who don’t want a larger piece of cake. No matter what type of recipe you choose or flavor you are going for, there is a good chance that your sweet treats will be the talk of the town everywhere you go.

Not Having Cupcake Liners on Hand

Using liners to bake cupcakes makes cleanup a lot easier. Unfortunately, liners are sometimes just not handy or a recipe may specifically call for cupcakes that do not have liners. In some cases, cupcake liners can also get in the way of the texture of the cupcake. It is not uncommon for someone to lose half of their cupcake when pulling off the liner. Thankfully, there are some things you can do if you do not have cupcake liners or simply do not want to use them in your baking recipe.

How to Bake without Using Liners

When baking cupcakes, you need to make sure that you are first using a nonstick cupcake pan. Even though the pan is nonstick, you should also still use a spray or margarine to coat each compartment. Before you pour in your cupcake batter, quickly coat the bottom of each cup with olive or vegetable oil. There are many spray oils available that make this task a lot easier for you. If you don’t have oil on hand, you can also use margarine or butter. Use a lint-free napkin to smear margarine on the bottom and sides of each compartment of the pan.

When using either oil or butter, it is important that you coat the cupcake compartment generously so that none of the batter sticks to the pan. Be sure to coat the entire bottom of the compartment as well as the sides so that your cupcake comes out great every single time. After you do this, you can pour in your cupcake batter and bake as you normally would. When you remove the cupcakes, allow them to cool completely before removing them. Warm cupcakes will sometimes fall apart if you are not using liners and are removing them from the pan. You can use a cooling rack to speed up this process or you may just want to put the cupcakes on the counter for one or two hours so that they are completely cool. You should also use a butter knife or cheese knife to release the cupcake from its compartment in the pan. Having the cupcakes completely cook while doing this will help a lot.

Recipes That Call for Unlined Cupcakes

While it may seem weird to bake cupcakes without using liners, there are actually recipes out there that call for regular, unlined cupcakes. For example, if you are making a cupcake cake, where the cupcakes act as the frosting to a cake, you will not want the cupcakes to be lined. Many people who make cupcake bouquets also find that unlined cupcakes make for a more beautiful bouquet. Other times, you may simply want to bake cupcakes and do not have any liners in the cupboard. Thankfully, it is possible to bake cupcakes without using liners. This can save you a little bit of money in the long run and headache if you tend to pull apart the cupcake every time you remove its liner.

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