Cut Down Tree

Cut Down Tree


Perhaps you have just bought a new house and need to do some landscaping. A storm might have passed through and left one of your trees perilously close to collapse. You could trim the branches, but sometimes just getting rid of a tree is a better option. What are the costs associated with getting rid of a tree, and how much can you save doing it yourself?

How Big Is Your Tree

One of the ways that you can determine how much it would cost to remove your tree is to find out how large your tree is. The cost of a smaller tree is going to be around 125 dollars while a taller tree can run between 900-1400 dollars to be cut down. Stability of your tree is also an important factor in pricing your tree, and taller trees can tend to be less stable which partially attributes to their higher costs.

Where Is Your Tree Located

Having your tree placed near a utility line, or other obstacle, will increase the cost of your tree removal by as much as 50 percent. This means that an average size tree could end up costing upwards of 500 dollars to remove if it is hanging out by the power lines. Having a tree that is by the power lines, or in another dangerous location, can render it unwise to try and do it yourself in an attempt to save money.

Do You Need Stump Removal

Tree removal services will typically cut the tree down to a stump. However, you might want your tree to be completely gone from the premises which includes getting rid of the stump. Stump removal services can range anywhere from 75 dollars for a small stump all the way to 300 dollars for larger stumps.

What Else Goes Into The Cost Of Tree Removal

Just like any other profession, the level of experience of the person doing the job can raise the price. A more experienced tree remover will most likely demand a higher price. Keep in mind that clean up costs are also going to be factored into any removal. The level of clean up ranges from just leaving after the tree is cut all the way to a total clean up. A full clean up can cost as much as 350 dollars.

Are There Ways To Keep Costs Down

Of course there are. Some good ways to keep your costs down include trying to the job yourself. Just be sure that the tree is easy enough for you to chop down without causing harm to yourself or to any surrounding buildings. Another way to keep your costs down is to do the clean up work yourself. Have a friend help you out, or haul away any wood that they might want for fireplaces. Keeping up good maintenance on your trees can also keep costs down. It can cost as much as 125 dollars an hour to clean branches and then extra fees to haul them away.

Other Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Tree Removal

As with any other landscaping project, make sure that you know what you are doing, or hire a solid professional. Check city codes as to whether or not you can cut your tree in the first place. Some localities have protected species of tree that either cannot be cut down, or have to be preserved for moving. A professional arborist can be consulted for an average fee of 125 dollars per hour. This might be an extra cost, but complying with city codes will save more money down the road.


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