Vinyl siding has become quite popular since its first appearance on the marketplace in 1950.  This is primarily due to its many advantages over other types of home exterior materials.  It is inexpensive, easy to maintain, and very durable.  Vinyl siding is also popular due to its many styles and colors.  Thus, “How much does vinyl siding cost?” becomes a frequently asked question among homeowners.

Average cost in United States

Prices for vinyl siding installation vary widely across the United States.  The prices may vary from $1-$10 per square foot.  However, for 2013 the average cost per square foot is $3.30 for basic grade and $4.48 for high grade siding.  Since, according to the 2010 census, the average American home is 2,438 square feet, the average cost for siding would range from $8,045.40 – $10,922.24.  However, these estimates only include average material costs, unit labor productivity rates and national hourly labor wages.  They do not include several other factors that could affect the price.

Factors that affect vinyl siding cost

As with numerous other home remodeling projects, there are many factors to take into consideration when estimating the total cost.  Not all of the factors will apply to each residential location.  However, here is a list of factors that may affect the total cost:

  • Style, color and grade quality of materials
  • Cost of delivery
  • Equipment used, and whether it is rented or purchased
  • Whether installation is done by professional installers or as a DIY project
  • Cost of worksite preparation and cleanup
  • Labor setup time and mobilization time
  • Minimum hourly charges
  • Any general contractor fees (can be an additional 12.1 % to 19.3 % to the aforementioned $8,000-$11,000
  • Sales tax on materials and supplies
  • Permits and building inspection fees
  • Shape, size and location of home, as well as number of windows and doors.

Obtaining estimates

Although there seems to be numerous factors to consider, getting a more exact estimate is not difficult to do.  There are several easy methods for obtaining vinyl siding installation estimates.  You can contact several professional contractors and arrange to have them come to your home to give you a quote.  Then, if you decide to do the installation as a DIY project, you could cut the professional estimates in half or at least subtract the items in the estimate that no longer apply to the project.

Another option is to go to your local vinyl siding supplier and have the salesclerk help configure the estimated cost.  Or you can search online and use a project cost calculator.  Some of the price calculators are setup to where all you have to do is enter your zip code and the square footage of your home.  Then the calculator generates an average estimate based off of your location and the size of your home.  However, if you use either of these methods, then you may have to do a bit more research on your own.  For instance, you may have to find out what building permits and inspections are required in your location.

Whichever way you obtain an estimate, be sure to do some comparison shopping.  Also, be sure not to attempt this as a DIY project unless you already have some experience with installing siding.  Nonetheless, now that you know how much vinyl siding costs, it is time to start thinking about when to start the project.

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