Everyone loves hot tubs. For those readers who are fortunate enough to own one in the comfort and convenience of your house, you will need to take care of it when winter’s winds begin to blow. If you will not use this hot tub in the winter season, then you have to perform the basic maintenance of winterizing it. Otherwise, severe damage will result on your pump and plumbing lines. This article goes through the step by step directions for properly winterizing your hot tub.

Items and Materials Necessary for the Project:

– A submersible pump
– A basic garden hose
– Cloth
– A tarp

Prep Work

You will begin winterizing your hot tub by shutting off all of the water supply and control valves. Next you will have to open up all of the jets. Now it is time to drain out all of the water from within the hot tub itself. This can be done utilizing either a submersible pump, or alternatively, a good garden hose. Make certain that you do drain the water out to a line which is capable of handling the quantity of water that you are removing. Next you will have to disconnect the jacuzzi by unplugging the cord, turning off the power button, and switching off your hot tub’s heater. Make certain that the circuit breaker of the hot tub is also turned off.

Removing the Drain Plugs and Cabinet Panel

Remove the cabinet panel. This is found at the front of the jacuzzi equipment compartment. Open the spigot found close to the main pump to drain out the water. Keep the spigot in the open position. Then, utilize a cylinder type of wet vac to ensure that the lines are fully cleared of any stubbornly remaining water. Take the drain plugs out from the water pumps. Allow all of the water to drain away. Once this has been accomplished, put back the plugs into the pumps.

Turning on the Blower

Put the cabinet cover back. Make certain to turn the circuit breaker back on. Switch on the blowers so that you will clear away any water which is inside the pipes and channels. Take off each of the fittings and clean them using the wet vacuum. This gets all of the water out of the fittings. Employ a sponge to get out any lingering water. Wipe out the interior of the hot tub, along with the exterior. A good cotton towel works well for this task. Once it has dried out completely, put the hot tub cover back on top of the tub and close it up.

Securing The Hot Tub

Since neither you nor your family will be utilizing the hot tub for a good while, it is a good idea to securely cover it up. This will prevent it from attracting insects or acquiring dirt and dust. Utilize a tarp in order to cover up the hot tub. Tie it down securely, so that this tarp does not become detached.

If your hot tub is under warranty still, you will want to inspect this warranty’s terms and conditions. From time to time the maker offers service for a hot tub only if it has been properly winterized by a licensed professional. It would be senseless to void the warranty.

Completing the Winterizing Process

You should ensure that you correctly closed up the panel once you opened it up. Make certain that the power supply and circuit breaker are both turned off. The hot tub water supply also needs to be turned off, to ensure that absolutely no water finds its way inside the plumbing. Following the conclusion of these steps, your hot tub has been prepared for the winter.


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