If you want to transform your family’s home into a favorite hang-out spot for friends and family, one of the easiest ways to do this is to install a home bar. Instead of going out on the town and dealing with both crowds and high prices, you can enjoy your favorite drink in the comfort of your own home instead. Because your drink will be made and consumed at your own stylish bar, your evening beverage will still feel special. Your friends will look forward to an invitation from you because they know that they will always be offered their favorite cocktail. Home bar units can be simple structures that will fit into any living room or they can resemble upscale lounges. The costs can vary accordingly. It is up to you to decide what type of home wet bar will best fit your home and your lifestyle. There are two main types of home bars for sale: wet bars and stand alone bars.

Wet Bars

Wet bars usually have a sink, a storage area for various liquors and mixers, and sometimes a small refrigerator. They also have a place to store barware, as well. Wet bars are generally more expensive than a simple stand alone home mini bar. For a bar with a sink, your costs will likely be upwards of one thousand dollars. Installing a wet bar is usually not a do-it-yourself project, unless you have some experience working with plumbing. In addition to paying for the bar itself, you will also need to pay a contractor to install it. Installation costs vary depending on where you live, but are usually at least two hundred dollars. If you need to have a water line installed to the area where you want your wet bar, expect your costs to be significantly higher.

Stand Alone Indoor Home Bars

If installing a wet bar is too ambitious or expensive a project for you and your family, consider a simple stand alone bar. These have the storage space and aesthetic of a traditional wet bar, but do not have a functioning sink. If you are on a budget, this might be the option for you. Stand alone bars are generally much cheaper than wet bars. The average cost of a stand alone bar is between three and four hundred dollars. You also might want to consider a stand alone bar if you do not have very much free space in your house or apartment, as there are usually smaller than wet bars. Both options will bring you many evenings of enjoyment.

Stocking Your Bar

Once you your home cocktail bar is installed, the fun can begin as soon as you stock it with the necessary ingredients. Stock your bar with at least the basics so you can start using your bar right away. You can buy more obscure cocktail ingredients and bar tools as the need arises. Lay in supplies to make at least three or so of your favorite drinks. Of course, some bar owners enjoy having a wide variety of spirits so that they can make their friends’ favorite drinks. It is up to you how well-stocked you want to keep your bar. A bartender’s guide is also useful to have tucked away in your home tiki bar’s cabinet, so that you can look up how to prepare a wide variety of beverages.

You can get a small set of glasses, a corkscrew and cocktail shaker for around twenty-five dollars if you shop around for a bargain. Of course, more upscale and pricier options are available as well. Vintage barware is a fun addition to any bar. You can find many affordable and complete sets online. These vintage pieces can also function as great conversation starters at your next gathering. If you have a small refrigerator, you might also want to buy some ice cube trays so that you can have cold cocktails anytime.

When your bar is stocked full of mixers and spirits, you will still need a place to sit. Many bars come with two or three bar stools. If your bar does not come with stools already, you will have to purchase them separately. Depending on the model, you can find bar stools for around one hundred dollars apiece. There are many styles of stools, so finding one that matches your bar should not be a problem.

Once your bar is installed, stocked, and accessorized, you will be ready to entertain in style.

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