It goes without saying that a hamburger is a quintessential item on the menu when one endeavors to have a backyard barbecue. Though there is no exact science behind making a hamburger, there is a way to grill something close to true perfection between a bun.

The required ingredients for this project include: fresh ground chuck, cheese, pepper, an onion, salt, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, relish, mayonnaise, mustard and the hamburger buns. For utensils: barbeque grills, grill baskets, grill utensils and wire grill brushes.

  1. The first thing you must handle is the fresh ground chuck. Chuck is preferable among other cuts because it comes with the most flavor with each bite. Additionally, those who purchase chuck can know that all of their meat comes from the same cut of the animal; regular “ground beef” is known to include all different parts of the animal in one package.
  2. A general rule of thumb is that the more fat there is in the chuck, the juicier the hamburger in the end will be. To ensure juiciness will occur, try to aim for a fat content of somewhere between 15 to 22 percent in the chuck. For burgers that will be both well done and juicy, request that the butcher provide a higher percentage of fat in the chuck, allowing them to be cooked longer without running the risk of them going dry.
  3. Let the chuck chill in the refrigerator long before forming the patties. Thoroughly wash the hands prior to handling the meat, as well as afterwards.
  4. Form the patties. Take about half a pound of the ground chuck cut and tightly form it into a ball. Half a pound of this meat should end up being no larger than the circumference of a baseball. Take the ball and firmly flatten it between the hands. Then transfer the flat cake to a cutting board that has recently been cleaned and continue to flatten it.
  5. Use either a spatula or a similar tool with a straight edge to pull in the patty from the sides such that the shape remains tight and together.
  6. The thickness of the patties should rest between half an inch to ¾ of an inch thick. To allow shrinkage, make sure the patties are about half an inch larger in diameter than the hamburger bun.
  7. Start the grill by putting some vegetable oil and lightly coating the bars of the grill. Do this using a paper towel in between a set of tongs, gently wiping oil onto the bars of the grill.
  8. Use the salt and pepper to season both sides of the burgers. For best results, try freshly ground black pepper and kosher salt.
  9. Put the burger onto the bars of the grill, directly over the heat. Allow each side to cook for three to four minutes, only turning it over a single time. Avoid using the spatula to press the burgers down onto the grill; this does not make them cook faster, and it only results in the juices seeping out of the burger, drying it out and encouraging the fire to flame upward.
  10. Use a food thermometer in the center to ensure the patty is at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, or peek on the inside using the spatula.
  11. Place the burger onto a fresh bun with any preferred toppings. The possibilities may include cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles or some of the more common condiments, including mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.
  12. Serve and enjoy the burgers. Do not forget to include the fries and other tasty treats.


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