The garage door opener is truly a remarkable invention. On those cold, rainy nights this magic piece of technology allows you inside the garage with the push of a button. They are particularly great for women who can rush inside without worrying about being seen by anyone as well as being safe from a burglar, and so forth. However, if the day ever comes when the opener does not work – this is when you realize how truly great these little boxes are. Most garage door openers are easy to fix. They certainly require very little maintenance.

The garage door opener is an electrical box that opens the garage door. The button used to open the door can be wired inside the house or the garage. It can also be used as a battery operated appliance that is powered by a battery. Many openers today have both systems. Basically, the infrared signal sends a message to the control unit. This then activates an electric motor. The motor, via a track and pulley system, moves the door. Usually, as the door opens a light also goes on inside the garage. The light generally turns off after a set period of time.

What happens when the magical box does not work? A variety of things may happen. For example, the door may open but it does not close. The opener might not open the door at all. The opener might begin working without the button being used. The door may open or close – although not completely. Another possibility is that the door might reverse itself when closing. Or, the opener may have too heavy of a work load.

Your garage door opener is not working! What do you do? Well, the first suggestion is to check your batteries in the remote controllers. To avoid such problems, if it is the batteries, you should test and replace these once per year. If the batteries are not the cause of the problem then you need to try to identify the problem. If the door does not respond at all to the press of the button you should check the cord. Make certain it is properly plugged into the receptable.

If the door seems to be caught in a certain position try to wait for ten or 15 minutes. It is possible that the motor has overheated. After the wait, try using the opener again. If the door raises but fails to close, check to make certain the beam sensor is plugged in. Also, it needs to properly be aligned. In order to make certain of the alignment you can check your owner’s manual for the instructions.

If your door opens and closes with the remote, but it does not work with the hand-wired button, you should check for loose connections or possibly damaged wires. If you are not certain about this repair it is wise to contact an electrician to complete this repair.

If your opener seems to operate but it does not open or close the door then there may be wear of the worm gear or chain-drive spocket. This should be serviced by a professional. If you intend to do the work you need to disengage the cord. This will reset the catch as well as reactivate the opener. You might also need to replace a broken chain or worn gears.

If you suddenly find your garage door opening and closing, without any buttons being pressed, you might have a button stuck on the remote control. If you cannot solve this issue you may need to have a professional check for a faulty circuit board. If the opener is opening your neighbors garage door you may need to reset the frequency. If your door is not working smoothly check for any obstructions. You may have a misaligned track or loose hardware.

You should never take your garage door opener for granted. While it is operating correctly you should test it several times a year. The test should be to make certain it opens and closes smoothly. You should also inspect the door along with the tracks and the chain. Remove any grime or debris so it will continue to operate properly. If you complete these inspections several times per year you will reduce any potential problems.

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