When you own a large or medium sized home and have frequent guests, sending them to find a lavatory in your home could be quite a nuisance. Not only that, but your restroom can be a private place for you and your family and you may not want people meddling around in there—not that all guests do. Even with a small home, or if you don’t have any guests, you may desire a more convenient location for a restroom. For this reason, small restrooms are quite handy to take up a small coat room, a small storage space under the stairs, or any small area you find that is more conveniently located for a small bathroom and can be easily converted. These rooms usually only consist of a cloakroom basin and a small toilet. Getting a cloakroom hand sink can be quite exciting as there are several types and styles available.

Budget Comes First

When choosing a cloakroom sink, you should typically begin with your budget. If you have a smaller budget or are looking for a low price instead of a specific style, there are prices that are available as low as £30 that still comprises quality and durability; however there is no compare to more expensive models. You can generally find more quality out of inexpensive models that are more around £50, but it all depends on where you look. The best quality and style can range anywhere up to £700 or more, also depending on where you go. Looking online often offers a wider variety of models with a greater selection of deals and better web offers, but that all depends on what you are looking for and what is available locally. If you ask some real bargain hunters, second to the internet are clearance sales available locally.

Available Styles and Models

When you begin searching for your small cloakroom basin, you will find that there are several models and styles available all intended to provide you with the most convenience and the best look for your money. You can typically find free standing hand basins for as low as £67 for the most basic designs and as high as £600 or more for more branded and elegant styles. If your are seeking the most space from your cloakroom, you may want to find a corner basin for your cloakroom that can either be free standing or attached to the wall. There are various wall vanities to choose from that will be in compact styles of the regular bathroom basin styles. These may cost from around £75 to £700 or more depending on where you go, the brand, the specific style or brand you choose, etc.

As a cloakroom basin generally remains between 350mm to 530mm for optimal space, the countertop hand wash sink has been found to be quite popular and a more contemporary style. This type generally costs a bit more; especially the stand-on-countertop sinks models. These can be found for around £150 to £200 for lesser priced, more basic models, with the higher end models reaching near £1000, featuring new and more extravagant designs. If you have a larger cloakroom restroom, you can opt for an asymmetric or double vanity design. These typically start around £350 and can get near £1000, but are quite stylish and can add a special flair to any restroom.

Making Your Purchase

There are so many options for purchasing a cloakroom basin. Pretty much, the two main avenues are online or in store. There are various local dealers that will offer these basins online as well for discounted prices. There are also various dealers online that offer a warehouse supply of hand wash sinks for the cloakroom. The internet also features various international designs for those looking for a higher class in cloakroom sinks. What you typically choose should be for the best quality for the best price available, which means you should do a bit of comparison shopping in order to get the best deal.

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