A candle chandelier can add atmosphere to even the smallest, most inconspicuous of rooms, or heighten the drama of a larger area such a a living room or dining room. Besides its flattering and calming light, a candle chandelier is simply a classic and classy alternative to glaring conventional overhead lighting. A candle chandelier doesn’t have to be stodgy or high-maintenance – with electric candles, you’ll never need to do more than flick a dimmer switch and dust once in a while.

A hanging candle chandelier is versatile and can enhance almost any area of the home. In the bath, imagine lavender-scented candles hanging overhead, throwing soft beams of relaxing light. In the dining room, centered over a prized centerpiece, an electric candle chandelier will gorgeously illuminate your guests and table setting. An outdoor candle chandelier hung from a porch can light up a casual cookout, or provide a subtle enhancement to the mood of a more formal nighttime alfresco meal.

There are some important design factors to carefully consider when choosing a candle chandelier. With an easy-to-install adjustable dimmer switch, electric candles will always provide just the right level of brightness. Wax candles require no electricity but don’t give off as much light as electric candles.

Carefully tailoring the style to your existing decor will ensure that your chandelier is a life-long investment rather than an eyesore. Materials for a candle chandelier range from gleaming metals like copper, brass, or silver, to pewter or wrought iron. Other choices include glittering crystal, glass, or even colorful stained glass. There are endless styles available, from simple, unobtrusive modern styles to elegant curlicues with gracefully curving candle-holders.

Choosing the right size is equally as important. It almost goes without saying that a candle chandelier should be high enough in the air that nobody will bump their head. A very large room won’t be overpowered by a huge, ornate candle chandelier. But for a smaller area, such as a porch or entryway, a small candle chandelier or even a series of small candle chandeliers fits the decor much better – a candle chandelier should never dwarf the furniture it was meant to compliment.

Safety is important too, but with a few sensible precautions, a chandelier is safe and worry-free. Don’t try to reach over your head to handle your candle chandelier – use a stepladder or a stable chair when dusting, and never hang anything from your rustic candle chandelier.

When using wax candles in your candle chandelier, don’t leave them unattended for any period of time. Make sure your candle wicks are trimmed to the correct length – it’s a good idea whenever you purchase candles to check the package they came in and trim your candles to the recommended length all at once. Keep the space surrounding your candle chandelier free of anything that may catch fire, such as balloons or if outdoors, flammables like tree branches or hanging plants. Consider a lantern or hurricane style candle holder when using candles outdoors or inside a drafty home, and always use a snuffer to extinguish the flame.

Cleaning your candle chandelier is as simple as using a soft duster or occasional polish, if the material calls for it. As for cleaning up candle wax, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: simply spray the inside of your candle holder with a light coating of cooking spray, and the melted candle wax won’t be able to adhere to the surface. The used wax will pop right out of the holder.

Indoors or outdoors, electric or wax, a candle chandelier adds beauty and flattering, atmospheric light, whether you’re relaxing on the sofa or in the bathtub, or hosting an intimate cocktail party. With the proper design considerations, a candle chandelier can seamlessly fit in with any home decor.

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