Ceiling light fittings come in fairly standard sizes and can be found at most department stores, such as Sears. Many are on display and come in different designs and finishes to match your room perfectly. Gold is a popular color, along with black, which goes well with a more modern decorum, and silver, white, and other generic colors. There are a number of different price ranges for light fixtures, and they come with step by step installation instructions. Older light fixtures need to be replaced when the wiring becomes too thin or exposed.

This is an obvious fire hazard. Replacing the light fittings in all the different rooms in your house is a standard part of renovation when it’s time to sell or rent out your house. An experienced electrician can put in the new light fixtures for you if you have no electrical background or are unsure of yourself. Just make sure to find someone with a good reputation who will not rip you off.

Have him check his work when he is through making the necessary repairs and installation, and insist on a demonstration before he leaves. Feel free to talk to him about any questions or concerns you may have. Most people will not have a problem with cheap light fittings as long as they are built well, look decent and do not pose a fire or safety hazard. You should also make it a priority to follow electrical codes in your city or county. If you’re not sure, check with your local municipal building or power company. Always make safety the first priority when installing the fittings yourself. Keep water and flammable materials away while you are working, and make sure your hands are dry. Electrical burns are nasty.

To get the most life out of your light bulbs, don’t leave lights on in rooms that are not being used. Don’t turn lights on and off repeatedly. This will cause bulbs to burn out or fires. The same caution should be taken as with any electrical outlets or appliances in your house.

Some basic tools are needed to install new light fittings, such as a phillips screwdriver and an allen wrench. All of the necessary hardware will come with your new light fixtures. Always double check your own work after you are through with the installation.

Check for things like loose screws, overtightened screws, stripped bolts that may fall out, and wires that are hooked up incorrectly. Try to buy name brand products if your budget allows for it, as these come with better warranties than generic fixtures do and tend to last longer without needing repair or replacement. Some of the unique designs available are chandeliers or imitation chandeliers, multiple bulb designs with globes or coverings, and one bulb fixtures with uniquely shaped globes, such as square or hexagonal designs.

Sometimes rewiring the entire house is in order before replacing the existing light fixtures in an older home. This, too, can be accomplished on a budget if you are money conscious. Again, seek out an experienced electrician who can do the necessary repairs to the drywall when he is finished and detect any faulty wiring that exists. The prices in this field are very competitive, so look for a low price without sacrificing quality. The design of your house, your decor, your furnishings and appliances will all have an impact on what designs you will want when purchasing your fittings.

 It will be easier in the long run than having to take something back due to poor aesthetics, design, or inferior quality. Another popular design is the floral design, which is a spin on the multiple light bulb arrangement, with glass globes that are shaped or arranged like the petals of a flower. There are so many designs to choose from that it may be hard to pick just one. Thankfully, if you are refurbishing more than one room in the house, you will be able to show off your unique personality and taste in decorating throughout your house.


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