How To Repel Rats?

Rats are some of the peskiest animals around. Besides being a nuisance, rats can also be damaging creatures as well. They are master at the art of hiding and getting into things. If left alone, rats can tear up a house and rummage through a great deal of items. In order to keep this from happening, how does one repel rats? When attempting to rid a piece of property of these rodents, there are lots of efficient methods to choose from.

How To Efficiently Repel Rats

1.Repel rats with poison. This little trick works like a charm if you are ready to go all out in an attempt to repel rats. However, many see this method as barbaric and inhumane. Regardless, using rat poison will undoubtedly eliminate most of the rat population around your home.

2.Use sticky traps to stop rats in their tracks. Sticky pads have been used by homeowners for many years now. For one, sticky traps are very efficient at what they do. They catch rats that walk over them. After becoming, immobilized, they can then be removed from the premises. Another reason why sticky traps are so popular is that they are a very humane method of getting rid of rats. However, if you let them go outside, rather than killing them, then they will probably just try to get back into your home.

3.Mouse traps are great at repelling rats from your property. The most traditional use of rat traps is in the home; however, many people also use them outside to repel rats from their property. It is a good idea to place them around the perimeter or your home or property. This way, rats attempting to enter the area will either get caught or repelled away. Remember where you put the traps though – it would not be fun to step on one!

4.Keep a house clean and tidy in order to repel rodents. Rats are a lot like hosts in that they usually seek a human home for resources. They break into our homes because we have food and leave crumbs everywhere. Therefore, it seems rational that the less crumbs and food that you leave laying around, the less likely there will be little rodents crawling around looking for a free snack.

5.Wax bait is an excellent way to keep rats outside of your property. Use this particular repellant sparingly around the limits of your property to keep new rats from entering. What happens is that they will eat the wax bait and then they will more than likely never return.

6.Make it difficult for rats to enter your home. This means checking all of the most common methods rats use to enter homes. Trim branches that lean on or touch your house. Branches often lend a helping hand to rats trying to get in. Installing some wire mesh over crawlspaces and vents will keep many rats out as well.

Remember than there are many more methods and techniques out there to keep the rats on your property at bay. Remember that they breed like crazy and that they are also almost impossible to completely eliminate. This means that you will have to be patient when trying to effectively repel rats. However, if you use some of the methods listed above, you should have no problem eliminated a great deal of them from your property.


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4 thoughts on “How To Repel Rats?”

  1. Sticky traps are not humane at all the mouse or rat chews off their own limbs to get free and if they do somehow stay there it takes about 5 days or more of them laying on them in agony disintegrating and starving besides being extremely cruel who wants to see that and clean up that mess? plus what if another animal gets stuck on it like a bird or a lizard if outside? those and rat poison should be taken off the market if a rat eats that and a hawk or cat or dog then eats the rat that animal then gets sick and dies besides rat poison being used to kill people and animals on purpose and on accident.My moron old neighbors next door both from other countries thought it would be a great idea tp pour rat pellets along the brick fence we share the whole length of it and when I found out I went ballistic and called the cops that is against the law besides killing off the innocent wildlife pellets were blowing on my side of the yard and I have 2 pets! people are just too stupid with these things they clearly need to be contained in an enclosed trap not those snap traps and certainly not loose! keep your house clean,clean up your birdseed at night I have to do this and it’s a chore but their food source needs to be gone birds and squirrels get fed in bowls during the night before nightfall I put away any leftovers,clean up dog poop I found out they eat it! and try using natural non toxic rat repellents I am currently trying peppermint,and looking into others such as citronella and balsam fir oil there is catch and release too whatever you do please keep other innocent animals in mind be careful of them and even though wild rats and mice are gross they are a living thing and you don’t want to make their suffering longer than it has to be.

  2. Rat Poison will kill the rats and then you have to smell the gut retching smell for two weeks or In my case I can smell them indefinitely..

  3. may i chime in and applaud Anon and Josephs comments. these are by far the worst and most inhumane and careless rat repelling methods recommended in this blog. anon said it best.

    your neighborhood pets and your own can be killed by eating the poison and baits. ive been there. watching my friend have to put his dog down because he was dying from rat poisoning.

    there are images searchable on google of birds, salamanders, butterflies etc caught in glue traps. and yes, the rat or mouse will slowly starve to death in several days. starving to death is the worst most painful and cruel way to die.
    glue traps really should be illegal because its cruelty to animals.
    rat poison too because of the hawks and owls and pets that it can subsequently kill as well.

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