Weighted gloves are unlike ordinary gloves that most people wear. Weighted workout gloves are specially-made gloves designed for boxers, more specifically kickboxers, or boxers who fight with their feet as well as their fists.

Weighted gloves were developed to let kickboxers to get the maximum or best performance out of their work-out sessions and to build up their muscle tone. Weighted cardio gloves are also beneficial for joggers or walkers because it adds weight to their arms and legs. Weighted gloves are also excellent for strengthening and building up one’s arms.

Actually, weighted gloves are basically weights that are formed to fit your hands like a glove. It’s really more practical than conventional small weights because it’s weights that you can wear, so in essence, they’re really portable weights.

Weighted boxing gloves are composed of various materials, but typically they are made of Nylon with a Neoprene lining. They are generally weighted about 2 lbs. in each hand. Weighted gloves sizes fits all, or as the saying goes, “one size fits all.”

Weighted gloves are not new, just as kickboxing is not new. They have been used for decades in allowing kick boxers to have the alacrity and speed to successfully defeat their opponents as well as give a slight workout, as indicated earlier.

Even though weighted gloves can help to increase muscle tone and mass and speed up endurance, there is no conclusive proof to show that it can reduce one’s weight.

Are there certain setbacks with wearing aerobic weighted gloves? There can be. There can be possible fractures of the bones due to constant physical exertion due to pugilism, or boxing, especially if the gloves are of a considerable weight.

Other disadvantages are again, weighted gloves CANNOT help you lose weight; do not use if you have had previous hand-related injuries; depending on the brand you use, it may come apart at the seams after prolonged use, not to mention that weighted gloves may be uncomfortable for some people to wear.

But there are definite advantages, too. And those are there are no physical side effects to wearing weighted lights, so nothing bad will happen to you; wearing weighted exercise gloves can improve the quality of your workouts, as indicated earlier and wearing weighted gloves doesn’t require that you ingest anything, like vitamins, for instance.

Weighted gloves are an excellent choice if you’re into kickboxing or martial arts. If you use them for a few weeks, you will have amazing hand speed.

How much can weighted gloves costs? Well, there are different prices. Keep in mind that as with all products there are different name-brands and different types, so you, the consumer will have to choose which ones are best for you and fits your individual budget.

There are some weighted gloves that can cost as much as $50.00, and there are some that are cheap-very cheap, that are as little as $7.00. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. There are numerous weight gloves websites online to choose from and you will have to decide which one(s) you want to choose from.

What is the recommended regimen for weighted glove exercises? It can vary. Some suggest taking ten minutes of one’s time to give themselves at hand workouts. Others may recommended longer periods. It basically depends up to the individual and their stamina or level of endurance. And as mentioned earlier, a person can even jog or walk at one’s own pace, which can have just as many results as those who may engage in more strenuous endeavors.

Weighted gloves are the popular trend in gymnastics. It is commercially available to more people than ever before. Go out and get yours today!

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