The home is a sanctuary for many individuals, and their style of furnishings showcase their unique personality and design style. Whether the house is small, medium sized or large, each room within has a distinctly different aspect from the rest of the home. Perhaps a large bedroom is shared by two teenagers who each seek their own privacy. To create a functional yet cozy scene, surrounding the beds with a fabric covered room divider will work beautifully and solve the problem. The fabric can be color coordinated to the comforter and curtains as well. Other privacy screen dividers may be arranged to separate the bed from the rest of a small bedroom. Placing the bed in the corner and stationing a French, Italian, bamboo, or any other decorative screen in front of the bed will give the impression of a much larger room.

A room divider doesn’t just conceal specific areas of the bedroom. For example, a folding privacy screen also works well at creating a cozy little alcove tucked away into a corner of the living room or den where one may share tea, coffee, and cookies with friends and family, or as a place of escape to spend some time alone to read. In fact, there are some room dividers with two panels painted to look just like bookshelves filled with books. Children and teens will love this idea. Other uses for room separators are to create a work station either for studying or paying bills on the computer. That doesn’t mean the divider need be dull looking, instead it can be painted in a lighthouse scene or silk painting of choice. The great thing about fabric covered screens is the fabric may be changed along with the decor of the rest of the room.

In the kitchen, a home room divider serves to hide the washer and dryer or pantry area from view, and some even have reflecting panels to make the kitchen appear much larger than it actually is. One place you may find a privacy screen, is in front of a South facing window. In this case, the French painted canvas dividers of outside restaurants and beaches are advantageous because they let in just enough light, yet reduce glare. Additionally, because the screens are portable, they may be relocated wherever else desired, such as in front of the bathtub, shower or a large window. On unenclosed front porches folding or stationary screens provide shade and much needed privacy.

There are so many folding room divider varieties, the fun is in choosing from them. Perhaps, the living room is decorated in wood and floral. In that case, a bamboo or teak wood multiple panel divider will blend in well with the decor. If the look of the Orient is desired, then a privacy screen made of hand painted rice paper within a gold painted frame would be a good choice, as would painted canvas. Many of these scenes depict water colors of colorful, peaceful yen gardens, young women, and beautiful birds, such as the bird of paradise. Wherever a French scenery is desired, a painted canvas held within a black painted wrought iron or wooden frame will bring life and charm to any room in the home. The Italian version usually is painted with the Leaning Tower of Piza, Venice, or countryside scenes. For a different change of pace, why not place several beach themed privacy screens around the house? From the Mediterranean to a beach town scene, you can bring the ocean right to your doorsteps even when living in a state with bitterly cold winters. Finally, for those who simply want to go green, bamboo is the best choice. The screens are simple, attractive and will go well with anything in the home.

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