Pearl studs are the essence of classic style. There are many different styles and brands of cultured pearl studs, it is up to your personal taste to find what works for you. This article will outline various benefits and prices of the style options that exist for pearl studs.

If you are seeking high-quality freshwater pearl studs, then look to Tiffany & Co. for a great pair. Tiffany’s sells white pearl stud earings that are quite expensive, breaking in at $300.00, but you can be assured the quality is superb. The pearls are a very light cream color, with a nice luster. Made with 18k white gold, these earrings are great for women with sensitive ears.

Metals like 18k white gold do not irritate the ears like more common metals, such as nickel. Tiffany’s uses cultured pearls to create the studs, meaning they are created specifically for the purpose of high-quality jewelry use from oysters. On its website, customers can also purchase different sizes of silver pearl stud earings from Tiffany’s, which is a great feature if you have a specific size in mind. The sizes range from 6.0MM to 9.5MM. You can find these studs at Tiffany’s website at Simply search for “pearl studs” on the site.

When shopping for pearls, it is important to know the type of style you want. Pearls come in Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, and Freshwater styles. These styles range in color and luster. Akoya pearls are typically the “classic” looking pearl, typically cream-colored with soft luster. South Sea pearls can come in golden tones, and Tahitian pearls range in the darker gray and black tones. Freshwater pearls can come in white, cream, and light pink/coral colors.

In addition to style, it is important to know what shape of pearls you desire. Semi-baroque pearls are the oval-shaped, crinkled texture type of pearls. These are quite stunning, and often used to embellish rings, or even crowns for royalty figures. Round pearls are the typical sphere-shaped pearls and are often used in necklaces. Oval shaped pearls are a rarer shape, and used most often in bracelets. Typically, round pearls are used in creating pearl earring studs.

Now that you know the different styles and shapes of pearls that exist, this article will continue to outline great brands to consider when purchasing large pearl stud earrings, specifically.

If you still want pearls of the highest quality paired with a high-end designer name, then consider also purchasing Mikimoto pearl studs. At Mikimoto, you can find Tahitian, Akoya, South Sea, and Freshwater pearl studs. The Black South Sea studs are a nice change from traditional cream-colored pearl studs. They are dark black in color. These studs are priced at $800.00. The studs can also be purchased with a matching pearl necklace for $8,500.00. The pearls are larger in size in being 9MM. You can find the studs mentioned here at

If you are looking for high-end quality at an affordable price, then Macy’s has great options for you. For $100.00, you can purchase Freshwater pearl studs with 14k gold trim. These pearls are smaller in size at 6MM and are made by the Macy’s brand. Macy’s constantly gives customers “Special Offers” for its pearl collections on its website, and it is worth checking out if you are seriously interested in purchasing pearl studs. For $400, as a “Special Offer,” you can also purchase Freshwater Pearl & Diamond studs. These studs are much cheaper than those offered by Mikimoto, and include diamonds in the trim to make for a great deal. You can find more “Special Offers” from Macy’s by heading to their website at

For the cheapest deals when purchasing pearl studs, you will typically find that “no-name” websites offer the best deals. At, you can find the cheapest deals on pearl studs mentioned in this article. For only $60.00, you can purchase white Freshwater pearl studs at 5MM in size. Also, even though the price of these pearls is great, the company does not sacrifice quality for cheap prices. These pearl studs are still backed with 14k gold. To purchase pearl studs larger in size, you will typically find the prices increase. At however, the prices do not increase too dramatically. For $195, you can get a great pair of Tahitian black pearl earrings at 8MM in size.

The key to searching for pearl studs is knowing what style, size, and price range you desire. Once you know that, check out any of the stores mentioned in this article and you are sure to find your best bet.

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