When you want to clean the mini blinds around your home there are certain tools and supplies that you will need to do this correctly. Gathering these items prior to beginning this task will prevent you from running around and searching for them making your cleaning job more time consuming and exhausting your energy half way through your task. To clean your mini blinds you will need a vacuum cleaner preferably with a brush or blind attachment, ammonia, water, sponge, rubber gloves, several old towels or sheets and a soft cloth or paper towels. If cleaning your mini blinds inside you will need to use your bath tub or large sink area. If cleaning your mini blinds outside you will need a garden hose, bucket and a clothesline.

Pre-Cleaning Your Mini Blinds

The first step that you should do when you want to make your mini blinds in your home look new again is to pre-clean them. This is a simple project that does not require much time in the cleaning process.

Step 1. Using the cords or positioning wand on your mini blinds, close the blinds. You will need to position them so that all of the slats on the mini blind are facing the same direction.

Step 2. If you have a brush attachment or blind attachment for your vacuum, place it on there now. You can then use your vacuum to remove any dirt, dust particles or debris that may be on your mini blinds.

Step 3. When you have completely cleaned one side of the blinds, use the cord or positioning want to face the slants of the mini blind so they are facing the opposite direction.

Step 4. Using the above method for cleaning with the vacuum, continue removing the dirt and debris from the other side.

Washing Your Mini Blinds

The actual washing of your mini blinds is a project that is best completed outside if you have the space available to do this and the weather is cooperative. This will help to prevent the mess within your home that can occur.

If you are not able to work outside, you can use your bathtub to wash your blinds. To do this you will need to lay your mini blinds into the bathtub. This is the best location within your home to complete this job without getting it too messy.

Step 1. Put on your rubber gloves to help protect your hands from the chemical cleaners.

Step 2. (Outside Cleaning) Spread out a towel or sheet on the ground outside. Lay your mini blinds on the towel or sheet extending them to their full length. You will need to make a cleaning solution in your bucket made from one part ammonia combined with one part water. Use your sponge to completely saturate the mini blinds with the cleaning solution. Leave this solution on the mini blinds for at least five minutes. You may have to scrub areas that are more heavily stained or dirty using your sponge. Using your garden hose you will need to spray all of the cleaning solution off of your mini blinds.

Step 3. (Indoor Cleaning) To clean your mini blinds indoors you will need to fill your bathtub with water. You should make sure that you have enough water in the tub to cover your mini blinds. Add an adequate amount of ammonia into the water in your bathtub. You will need to open the mini blinds just a little so that you can adequately clean between the slats. Extend the mini blinds completely to make sure that all dirt gets removed. Use your sponge to wipe down the slats of your mini blind. Let the ammonia and water solution to stay on the mini blinds for approximately five minutes. Use clean water from the tub to rinse off the cleaning solution from the mini blinds.

Drying Your Mini Blinds

Drying your mini blinds completely before hanging them back up is very important. This will help to prevent mold and mildew from forming or damage to surrounding surfaces such as window frames, walls and flooring.

Step 1. Using a clean soft cloth or paper towels, wipe down excess water from your mini blinds. Make sure that you get in between the slats and along the top tracking well.

Step 2. If you are working indoors, place your mini blind over your shower bar to allow for it to air dry. Make sure that it is completely opened up.

Step 3. If you can work outdoors, place your mini blind over a railing or a clothesline if available. Again, make sure that your mini blind is completely opened.

Step 4. When your mini blinds are completely dry, use a dryer sheet and wipe it along all of the surfaces of your mini blind including slats, tracking and other surfaces where dust can build up. The dryer sheet will act as an anti-static controller and help prevent the build up of dust, dirt and other debris between cleanings.

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