There are ladies socks to match every different fashion need that a lady can have. Women today need fashion options for several types of activities every day. There are ladies ankle socks for work, socks for exercise, and socks for play. The right ladies cotton socks can make an outfit look finished and polished – just like the wrong socks can ruin a great outfit. Socks have evolved quite a lot in the last few decades, and you can find bright colors and patterns in almost every variety of hosiery or stockings. Far from being a way to keep your feet warm and dry, ladies slipper socks are definitely a fashion statement these days.


Sheer stockings and pantyhose are the traditional formal ladies black socks. Women have worn full-length stockings for decades, and they have remained a fashion staple since they were originally created. Today’s stockings offer a little more creativity and individuality than you used to find in a pair of stockings. You can purchase hose that comes in every shade imaginable, from transparent to white to red and black. For an extra touch of individuality, you can purchase hose that has a texture woven into it. Stockings create a formal look when worn with almost any type of dress, pants, or shoes.

Ladies Trouser Socks

Many women prefer to wear pants for work. There are ladies socks that have been designed to pair nicely with nice slacks or women’s suits. Trouser socks are thicker than hosiery, but they aren’t as thick as cotton socks. A nice, conservative pair of trouser socks looks perfect when worn with flats or low pumps because they are thin enough to emphasize the curve of the foot without bulking up around the edge of the shoes. You can be a little more playful with trouser socks because they are mostly hidden under your pant leg.

Many trouser socks feature subtle textures woven into their design, and you can find trouser socks that have pictures or patterns near the top of the socks as well. Trouser socks come in every shade imaginable, and are less transparent than hosiery so the color shows up more distinctly. If you wear trouser socks, it is important that they match your outfit in some way. They can accentuate a highlight color from your blouse, or tie in an accent color that you would like to highlight. If you’d rather play it safe, trouser socks can be found in black, blue, brown, and other neutral colors.

Ladies Athletic Socks

There are comfortable, durable ladies running socks specifically for exercising. These ladies sport socks are just like the men’s athletic socks, but they are sized to fit the more dainty feminine foot. Athletic socks for women come in several different lengths, including ankle socks and calf length socks. You can find athletic socks with feminine touches, like lace cuffs or frills, which help women retain some daintiness even while they exercise. Athletic ladies crew socks are perfectly paired with running shoes or tennis shoes, and they protect your feet from becoming too damp when you work hard.

Ladies Support Socks

Support socks may be strictly practical, but they can still look good. Basically, these ladies socks offer extra support for the veins in the lower legs that tend to become weaker as you age. Support socks have strong elastic panels sewn into them so that they actually hold your foot and leg a little more tightly. Women who have jobs that require them to stand and walk a lot will find that support socks help them avoid foot pain. The choices for fashionable support socks are a little more limited, but they do come in several colors to help you accessorize any outfit.

Whimsical Fun

When you’re finished working, you can swap your sedate trouser socks for something a little more fun. Whimsical socks have become a large part of the ladies socks market in recent years. You can find novelty socks that have all kinds of prints on them. There are socks with animal prints, wild stripes, checkerboards, or flowery swirls of color. If you are a sports fan, you can buy ladies silk socks that have your favorite team colors and logo on them. Comfort socks are made from soft, cozy materials that are perfect for lying around on a lazy morning.

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