Has your grass died and you are wondering how to reseed your lawn? A brown lawn can make the curb appeal of your home look awful. In addition, your home value can be greatly reduced just by having an unattractive yard. Reseeding your lawn is a simple and quick fix for grass that has died or is growing unevenly.

To reseed your lawn you will need:

– grass seed
– rake or hoe
– water hose or sprinkler
– broadcast spreader
– garden gloves
– fertilizer

1. First you will need to decide what type of grass seed you will use to reseed your lawn and how much you will need. Certain types of grass will grow better in your area, so if you are unsure of which kind to use, a visit to your local garden center can help. The wrong type of seed can fail to grow and will be a waste of time and money. It will take a while for your grass seed to fill in your yard, which makes it important for you to use the right seed for the job. It is also necessary to buy all the seed you will need at one time. This will ensure that your grass grows evenly and it will look much nicer in appearance.

2. Next, having the right tools will help you with your quest of a better lawn. A broadcast spreader will spread the grass seed evenly in your yard. If you do not have one, you should purchase one for this job. Also, ensure that you have garden gloves and a water hose or sprinkler. Garden gloves will prevent painful blister from forming on your hands. Plus, your newly seeded lawn will require a lot of watering for it to grow well. You will need to be prepared to water it almost daily.

3. Now you will have to prepare your lawn for reseeding. An easy way to do this is to rake the old grass to aerate the soil and make sure to till the ground in bare spots. Also remove any leaves or large branches that may have fallen. This is also a good time to remove any trees or bushes that you no longer want.

4. Once you have all the required materials and have prepared your yard, you will be ready to reseed your lawn. Begin by, wearing your garden gloves and fill your broadcast spreader with grass seed. It is easiest for you to work in small sections of your yard. Use the spreader to seed each section of your lawn. Immediately water your lawn lightly to help the seed settle into the ground and stimulate germination.

5. Continue watering your grass seed daily until it begins to sprout. Once the sprouts appear you can begin watering every other day. You can mow the grass once it is long enough, but do not fertilize your new lawn right away. It will need to grow for a couple of months to establish a strong root system. Remember to keep watering regularly. With proper care you will have a healthy green lawn in just a few short months.


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