Although there is a variety of flea that uses humans as a host, you do not have to worry about them unless you are a pig farmer, since pigs are also their host. Proper hygiene destroys them for the average person. The fleas that harass us today prefer animals as a host. According to, if you see fleas on your ankles or clothes, it is because there has recently been a ‘pupae hatch’ inside your home. Since you are not their preferred source of blood, they are resting on you for a moment while they make their way to your pet.

We generally don’t realize our pets have a problem with fleas until we see one jump or notice their waste material in the animal’s fur. Unfortunately, these things are only a small fraction of the problem. It has been estimated that the fleas living on the pet are only five percent of the real number of fleas around the home or yard. Since the eggs and pupae are very difficult to see, it is hard to understand how big the problem really is. Below are some successful remedies in the fight against these tiny beasts.


  • Prescribed medicines from the vet are very successful remedies, but they can be harsh. If the pet is very old or young or has been ill, these may not be the right choice for you. A prescription is required to purchase these treatments.
  • Flea collars, topical treatments and flea bombs all fit this category.


These days people have returned to herbal medicine for their cures, and use these remedies on their pets, too, for fear of the chemical treatments side effects.

  • Brewer’s yeast can be mixed into the pet’s food. Since the fleas do not like the flavor of blood with brewer’s yeast in it, this remedy has some faithful fans.
  • Garlic is another popular choice. Many dog treat recipes can be found with a simple internet search, so find one that is heavy on the garlic. This is a favorite ingredient of most dogs anyway.
  • If you bathe your pet, use a rosemary rinse next time. Boil a couple tablespoons of rosemary in a gallon of water. After it cools, rinse the pet with this ‘tea’ to help repel fleas.


Holistic therapies involve using treatments inside and outside the body. Here are a few things known to repel or destroy fleas that can be used in combination.

  • At night, turn on a night light. Place a shallow dish of soapy water underneath the light. Fleas will jump toward the light source, bounce off the wall and then drown in the soapy water.
  • Fumigate the home and yard. The fumes will reach places we don’t think to spray. Since the immature fleas must stay out of the heat of the sunlight and prefer dark places, they hide in the depths of the carpet and in the shady areas of the yard.
  • Shampoo Fido and then treat him with a topical insecticide.
  • Feed him garlicky treats and rinse him with rosemary.

While fleas may survive a nuclear bomb with the cockroaches, they do not have to be a permanent resident in your home. It is important to stay on top of the problem, and by incorporating these suggestions into your routine, you can repel fleas.

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