Homeowners always have to maintain their homes. It is part of the deal when it comes to home ownership. If you have a deck on your home then you will have to maintain it. Keep it looking just right for your homes overall appearance. Here are some tips on how to power wash a deck.

How to find what you need?

The first thing that you must have is a good sprayer and hose. If you don’t know where to find those then you are at quite a loss. All you have to do is go to Home Depot and find a “power wash sprayer hose”. They are not expensive considering how much you will use this for your home deck. Every season that arrives will require use of this. This is a wonderful investment in the overall beauty of your home. Loews also carries this hose for you. Compare prices to get the best deal. While you are there pick up some deck cleaner. There are generic versions for deck cleaners. Any of them will work well.

How to use the “power wash sprayer hose”?

Check the hose to make sure that you have no kinks in the line. Then simply connect the hose to your external water faucet. Then wash down the leaves. Make sure that all of the debris is off the deck. Now connect the container portion of the power wash sprayer. Add the cleanser to that. You can add some water to that to dilute the cleanser. Then spray the deck down thoroughly. Repeat this process to make sure that the deck is completely saturated. Now disconnect the cleanser container. Reconnect the hose to the water faucet and clean the line out. Simply spray some more on the deck to clear the cleanser out of the line. Now rinse the deck completely with clear water. Allow that to dry. Your deck will be perfectly clean. Check for any detail that might have been missed and clear all of the soap.

What can you do when you have a wooden deck?

If you have a wooden deck then special consideration should be taken. There are cleansers such as Spray and Dust that have oils built into the cleanser. Make sure to use those at least once a year. Repeat this more often if your deck is lacking that sheen of fine wooden decks. Some decks might require more detail. If that is the case then some elbow grease and buffing are required for that perfect deck. Look for any cracks or discoloration of the wood. If that is present then you must add the oil to fill any cracks in the wood grain. This is essential to avoid major repairs that may be needed if this is not tended to regularly. Take it serious and provide regular deck maintenance in order to avoid these costly mistakes. Also make sure to match the correct color of oil to the wood of the deck.

What else should I know about power washing my deck?

Any time that you have weather that is harsh, you should take time to power wash your deck. If you do it will look very good and stay in great shape. You will avoid costly repairs if you maintain the deck that you have. Sunny weather requires more oil in the wash mixture. The wood can become worn and weak if you fail to add sufficient oil when you wash. Make sure to follow the directions on the oil cleanser carefully. Also note any manuals that come with your deck installation. If your home is new, you will have that available to you. Read it and follow it to the exact time schedule. It is important for your deck to remain beautiful.

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