It is the summer season and our pools are open for some fun splash and entertainment. Summer is the time for family and friends get-togethers, barbecues, yard games, and of course, pool fun. Many people would love to have a pool, but they get discouraged with the maintenance part of it. Maintaining a pool does not have to be a painful job if you do it right from the beginning. Follow these tips on how to maintain a pool.

Of course, the easiest way is always to hire a pool professional to handle the job, but if your budget does not permit, it becomes a Do it Yourself job, and you must learn to do the best job you can, to maintain your pool properly. This will not only create a safe and healthy pool environment for your family and guests, but learning to look at other areas of inspection will prolong the life of your pool as well.

The most important issue is to prevent bacteria in the water. For this, you have to sterilize the water by using a chlorine product. You can buy this in the form of tablets that you will feed via a container that is usually located near the filter system and pump. You can find the necessary products to maintain your pool at a pool store or home improvement center.

It is important that you prevent algae from forming. Algae loves moist environments and a pool is perfect for it. To prevent algae you must use a product that acts as an inhibitor and treat the water with it. You do this step by pouring the liquid in the water, but near the skimmer intake that way the pump will spread it to all the necessary areas.

A pool must be shocked every couple of weeks. As people bathe, they release waste from their bodies in the form of natural oils, dead skin cells … all this accumulates in the water. You can purchase a product to shock the water at a pool dealership and apply it to the water via your distribution container, near the pump and filter system. The amount of product to use will depend on the size of your pool. Read the instructions carefully. Usually this product comes in a powder form and it dissolves easily into the water.

Test your water regularly to make sure that you have the proper ph balance. You can do this by buying a test kit at your local pool store. Some pool maintenance companies offer services to test your water if you bring a sample, but you will be charged for the service.

Another important area is the physical equipment of the pool. You should cover your pool with a cover made for the appropriate season, to maintain its durability. Also, inspect your pool regularly for any wear and tear and cracks that may be developing. Inspect your pump and filtration system as well. Learn to know the sounds of your pool. If you hear an unfamiliar noise in the equipment, get it checked as soon as you can. It is also important that you clean your filter and that you monitor the pressure gauge from time to time, just to make sure that everything is running efficiently. It is advisable to replace your pump at least every seven to eight years.

If this seems like a lot of work to you, once you keep things in order, it is just a matter of monitoring and listening for sounds of distress, while inspecting your pool from time to time, and performing the necessary water treatments. If it still sounds like too much work, then maybe the best thing for you is to hire the service of a pool professional to do the job for you. You should not procrastinate in having a clean and safe pool environment.

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