Make a Layout

Allow your garden grow to it’s full potential . Make fun designs and shapes with curves and lines. Use a hose to outline the shape of the garden. When you have laid out your desired shape, mark the borders with an outline of flour or garden sand.

Eradicate the Grass

Remove the grass that you don’t want by using a garden spade. If you are just making a garden design for a future date you can go the way of mowing and using cover. Mow as low as you can and then cover it with either bed plastic or newspaper in several layers. This method will take a few weeks to kill the grass. Once your garden is growing you will want to remove any grass by hand or with an herbicide.


The new garden will need to be tilled. Start by digging to remove any refuse or rocks. If the quality of your soil is not good now would be a good time to add some organic fertilizer. All that you will need to is incorporate it into the soil while you are digging.

Border the Bed

You can avoid your garden and lawn merging by making a good border. . A channel about 8 inches deep by 2 inches wide will stop garden invasion. Another helpful thing you can do is place some border or edging around the garden.

X Marks the Spot

Lay out all of your plants in your garden before you plant them. It will take more time but the final product is worth it. This way you will get correct spacing and know that your plants are going to look good side by side.


When you have determined that your plants are in the perfect pots, put them into the ground. If the plants are still bound by the root, loosen them before you plant. It is also key to plant at the right time. Make sure that you don’t put them in the ground too soon. It’s best to wait until after the last frost of the Spring. If you use seeds it should indicate on the package if it is a warm weather plant.

Spread Compost or Mulch

Other than changing the soil, mulching is one of the greatest things that you can do for your graden. It keeps the garden healthy and easy to maintain. A 2-inch-deep layer of wood chips or garden compost will hinder weeds from growing and allow your soil to stay moist during times of high heat.


When you have finished planting your bed and mulching it, deliver a bath to your plants Your mulch will need to be soaked with water if it is too dry. This allows your plants to get enough water. When soil is dry or compacted it won’t absorb water quickly. If the water forms a puddle, just stop watering for a bit and wait for it to absorb. It is best to water your plants early in the morning or late evening. If you water during the middle of the day more than half of the water will go to waste by evaporation.

There are several additions that you can incorporate into your garden to make it beautiful and functional. A wrought iron or wooden porch swing looks great in the middle of a summer garden. A garden fountain can also be a nice addition. Most of them are self cleaning and require little maintenance. Of course, don’t forget the gnomes, fairies, angels, and rocks. There are lots of great websites for accessories broken down by style or budget.

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