Many readers will have considered different choices for their existing roofs when it gets to be time to replace the house’s roof. Although there are a number of different alternatives available, including the traditional wood or tiles, steel roofing is another viable possibility. Steel roofing proves to be a recyclable and sustainable option for any roofing requirements.

It is available in a surprising range of colors which are painted on, so it is in fact easy to match the steel roof to the color scheme of practically any house. Lasting a full thirty years, a steel roof turns out to be a durable, practical, and affordable variant to the differing types of roofing. Almost free of maintenance, it is both easy to install and weighs little. This article discusses the step by step instructions for putting in this type of roof without having to engage the services of a professional roofer.

Items Necessary for the Project:

– Reliable Ladder
– Safety Glasses
– Steel Roof Panels
– Steel Roof Peak Runners
– Work Gloves
– Hammer
– Hand Held Metal Shears, or a Torch
– Ring Shanked Nails

Prep Work

In advance of starting any detailed and advanced project like this, you should first ensure that you put on your work gloves and safety glasses. Remember, safety always comes first. Be certain that your ladder is reliable, and is safely and securely put where it will be most needed for the beginning of the job.

Since this kind of roofing may be effectively installed on top of an existing shingle roof, it is alright to start by taking off the old roof. Make certain that no nails are sticking out from the roofing area when you are done with this. Otherwise, they will likely slow down the actual process of putting down the new roof.

Putting on the First Panel

Putting on the first roof panel is not hard. Start by putting it on the top most corner of the roof, ensuring that the ridges point straight up and down. This is critical so that water and any snow are able to drain away without difficulty. Using a hammer and ring shanked nails, securely nail down the panel. Remember that nails ought to be put every two feet. You must begin by nailing down a low center part of the roof panel. Next, you can nail down the edge side. Then you will put the second panel underneath the ridge in advance of nailing down the final side of the first panel. Keep in mind that with this last nail, you will be nailing down two full layers.

Securing the Panels With Nails

Continue working utilizing the above outline way until you reach the point of having covered the whole roof area with the steel panels. It is possible that the final panel will not fit exactly right. Simply cut it down to the proper size either using the metal sheers or a torch. Put it where it belongs, then fasten it down on all sides with the nails to finish this first phase of the project. Congratulations, the roof panels are now in place and securely fastened, and your roof is prepared to receive the final touches.

Putting In the Peaks

The next procedure involves putting in the peak runners. Along every peak of the roof, you must hammer in the nails at one foot intervals.

Look Over Your Progress

This is a perfect point to take a good look at your peaks and panels that you have installed and secured. Be certain that every one of the nails has been properly hammered in where they it supposed to go. Should you see any spots which might require an additional nail, then put them down and hammer them in now.

To learn more about putting in a steel roof on your own house, simply click on the following links at: eHow or Buzzle.


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