Mosquitoes are one of those naturally occuring, nasty and annoying problems of the spring, summer and fall that almost everyone has to deal with. They conveniently decide to crop up and start flying around just around the time when the weather gets warm and sleeves and hemlines of all your clothing is getting shorter.

Once the mosquitoes make their way into your home the only way to get them out is usually to chase them around with a fly swatter until they are dead. There is a better way to avoid mosquito bites and that is to prevent them from actually coming into your home in the first place.

Though air conditioning or central air may seem like an extra expense to have in the summer time it is one of the best ways to avoid keeping the windows open for circulation. Though it is nice to feel the summer breeze coming through the windows it gives the bugs from outdoors ample opportunity to find their way inside. It is a better idea to leave the windows and doors in your home shut during the day and to get outside to experience the sunny warm weather. Mosquitos will find any and every way to enter your home in the summer so if the windows are kept even slightly open they will find a way into your house. Even if you keep screens in your windows the mosquitoes will find a way in if the screens are loose. Before opening any of the windows in the summer make sure you tighten all of the window screens or replace them entirely. Replacing the window screens yearly is a good way to make sure they are tight and that there are no holes in the screens. Mosquitoes will fly through even the tiniest of holes so make sure that the holes are either patched up or the screens are replaced.

If you really do enjoy keeping the windows and doors open during the spring and summer and you do not want to give up this luxury, keep this one fact in mind: it is less likely that these annoying pests will try to enter your home during the day and are they are more apt to get in the house during dusk and at night. If the windows are open at all during the day be sure to shut them before the sun goes down. Dusk and night time are when the mosquitos are out and about in all their glory. If the doors and windows are left open at dusk the mosquito problem inside the house will be extreme as they will come inside in abundance and stay there.

Another attraction for mosquitoes are little puddles of water because that is where they lay their eggs and breed. People who have small gardens next to their house or pools need to be careful of the water that collects in these areas. Mosquitoes can and will find these small puddles of water and begin to breed more mosquitoes. In order to keep your property and your home mosquito free make sure to drain any shallow puddles or pools of water and to make sure that they do not form in the first place. If a gutter from the side of your house spills out onto the ground next to your home it should be extended so that it spills into the street. A gutter that empties next to the side of the house is just one of the ways that water gathers next to the home as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If you have a screened in porch or an outdoor living area in your garden or on the patio one of the best ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay is with citronella candles. Cintronella is a natural scent that mosquitos hate and will stay away from if they come near it. The smell is quite pleasant to humans and a citronella candle provides a nice glow for the people sitting around the candle. This is one of the best mosquito repellents to use when entertaining and it is a much safer method of repelling mosquitoes than using a harsh chemical repellent like OFF or DEET.


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