We have all had the unpleasant task of killing flies at one time or another. However to get a better handle on why we are constantly killing these disease ridden insects in, or around our homes, we should take a very close inventory of our household inside. The outdoor area, as well should be covered here to determine where these pests are actually breeding from.

If you do not get to the source of the breeding grounds for these pests you might be investing in a lot of termination supplies unnecessarily.

If you are already invaded by these insects there are several different remedies you can apply here. You can use insect sprays, but should use caution with these products. If it says for outdoor use only then you should not attempt to use it indoors. If you do then you should be made aware that these sprays will not have the proper ventilation needed, and could cause you, or others in the house more harm than good.

There are store bought flytraps that you can hang from the ceiling in the area where you have seen a major swarm of the flies. The flytrap is actually a sticky like paper that is coated with a special glue, so that when the fly gets stuck to it they’re stuck there until they die. Most times however you can still hear them buzzing while they are in the process of dieing.

To fully understand the solution here is to first off explain where these flies come from, and how they get to be such a large problem in the first place. Flies are attracted to raw material waste. This can be in the form of trash cans with no lids on them. Animal waste, and cat litter areas. The dog cage outside. They also feed on pieces of food left out whether it be on a dish, in the sink, or even on the floor under the fridge does not matter. If the food is there, and left out then flies will breed on it.

These pesky insects also breed in outdoor compost heaps. If you have one of these then its best to keep a tight lid on it, or a very tight screen. This will prevent the fly from then entering into it, and lay its eggs. The fly actually lays its eggs most times in the food, or area that they land on. They are especially prone to any organic waste materials that are moist, and easily accessible.

Certain flies also feed off of not only dead animals, but live animals as well. Especially if they have a open wound on them. One fly can actually lay up to 100, or more eggs from any of these sources listed here, and thus creates the maggot that in turn creates the fly.

Now if you have taken all the necessary steps to protect your home, and your outdoor area from these flies there are other steps that you can take to stay protected. To further help to keep flies from coming back there is another helpful gadget called a UV bug light, or as some will refer to this product as a bug zapper. It’s actually an ultraviolet light that attracts the fly to an electrified type of grill front where they’re then burned by the high voltage current. These come in portable indoor versions as well.

Another great way to keep flies away is to make up a home made fly trap. This can be done at a very low cost to you. These pesky insects can be lured into these traps quite easily, where they’ll get trapped, and not be able to come back out once they enter them. You simply get a jar with a lid. You will need to poke some holes into the top of the lid. Then you would put some food into the jar that the flies enjoy to eat. When your ready to dispose of these home made fly traps just be sure to wrap them up in a tight trash bag, so as not to do the opposite, and attract more flies. Just remember to always make up a new home made fly trap to take the place of the one that you have thrown away.

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