Dogs and cats may love romping around and rolling in the grass in the yard, but as most pet owners know, the fleas that live in the grass and ground are more than happy to take a ride on their fur coats and back into the house. Knowing some effective rememedies for how to get rid of fleas in the yard will not only make pets more comfortable and less itchy but also eliminate the problem of tracking fleas indoors.

(1) Take the natural organic route first to attack the fleas in the yard problem because there are no adverse effects for children or animals. Check your local landscaping or gardening store for pesticide products containing extracts from chyrsanthemum flowers because spraying this type of insecticide will not harm pets or children. Most insecticides can be toxic to both humans and animals, so if you insist on using this application, hire an exterminator to do the job right and keep people and pets out of the yard.

(2) Diatomaceous earth is a pet-friendly flea solution that can be found at your local home improvement or gardening supply store. Be sure that the bag is labeled agricultural or food grade rather than for swimming pool use. Diatomaceous earth is made from powdered fossilized shells that can be sprinkled or spread over all areas of the yard. It works to slice and dice the resident flea population thanks to its razor-like sharpness and eliminates your flea problem without harming people or pets.

(3) Use aromatherapy to prevent fleas from returning to your yard. Lining the borders of your yard with cedar chips or eucalyptus leaves have proven very effective in repelling fleas from taking up permanent residence in your grass. Fleas evidently can’t stand the smell of either item, yet neither will harm either humans or pets as they enjoy the yard. Just keep everyone behind the line of defense and replenish the supply after a rainfall.

(4) Ask your garden supply store about Insect Growth Regulators. The newest on the market can be used in the yard in order to prevent the fleas from repopulating. Any live fleas coming into contact with this substance will be rendered infertile and once they die out, there are no offspring to worry about.

No matter what sort of liquid, powder or spray flea control application you choose for getting rid of fleas in the yard, be sure to carefully read all product directions, wear a mask and gloves while applying it and keep out of the reach of pets and children.

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