Getting rid of ants can be a pesky problem. Depending on the type of ants that are causing your problem, you will need to choose the right method or the right pesticide to take care of the nest or infestation. Different regions of the country have different kinds of ants which are more common to that specific region. For instance, in the South, fire ants are likely to try to make your backyard their home. Any home and garden section at a store such as Lowe’s or the Home Depot will have just about every pesticide on the market. Read the labels to see what kind of bugs they kill.

The number one rule for fire ants is to not disturb the mound. If you have small children, keep them away from the nest. Just a few stings can cause a severe reaction that lasts for days, and if someone who happens to be allergic gets stung, the results can be very dangerous. Sprinkle the correct brand of ant poison on each mound. Just a few sprinkles will do. The worker ants will mistake it for food and bring it inside the nest. Someone will bring it to the queen, and within a few hours up to a couple of days, the nest will die. If the ants are inside your home, spray the ants correctly with an effective pesticide. Termites can cause major damage or ruin to your property if left unchecked. Prevention is the best solution to keeping your home safe.

Their are automatic trap systems and pesticides that can be installed on your property underneath the ground to keep them away from your home and to kill them. If you have a wooden house, or even a porch adjunct to your house that is made from wood, you should protect your investment with some kind of termite protection system. If you spot termites, obtain a pesticide that tells you on the bottle that it will kill these types of ants. The after effects of the damage cause by termites can be found in multiple pictures online just by doing an image search on Google. Don’t allow this to happen to your property. Even an unguarded tree trunk can attract termites, which may eventually move on to your house if not dealt with.

Another type of ant colony which can be found in many places throughout North America are sweet ants, or sugar ants. Any food containing sucrose or any other type of sugar left open will be accessible to these ants. They can get inside your home through cracks in your door frame, small holes in your walls, drywall and ceiling, and up through the floor. There is a special ant poison for these types of ants that can be purchased at the grocery store. Put a little bit on a piece of tin foil and leave it in the pantry or on your kitchen counter. The sweet substance in the poison will redirect the ants to it, killing them. Eventually, this will cause the other ants to stop coming. For immediate action, use a pesticide spray. Larger ants and various other species, particularly those that sting, including giant fire ants, are known to cause problems sometimes. These stings can be particularly painful, and a few signs of an infestation would be small deposits that look like rice. Ask a home and garden specialist for the right way to dispose of these eggs and any ants you may find. Again, keep children away to avoid serious stings or allergic reactions. is a company that sells a wide range of ant poisons for different species of ants, and contains plenty of helpful information on identifying what type of ants you have and what pesticide is needed, also how to properly apply it. All major store chains carry their products, if you would rather pick something up the next time you go shopping. Terro makes dry baits as well as liquid baits for different situations. This will help you to take care of whatever kind of ant problem you may be facing. The best way to take care of ant problems is, if possible, to prevent them before they start.


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