The outdoor patio is an area of the home which can be used for both social get-togethers such as bar-b-ques and pool parties and it can also be one’s quiet retreat after a long day at work. When decorating a patio, there are many things to keep in mind. It is important to be aware of the average climate of the area, if it is a covered patio or not, and what style of decor is going to be used.

Styles and Themes

The first step in decorating a patio is to know what style one wants to use. There are many different themes one can choose go with. Some of these include beach or nautical themes, tropical or Asian themes, or rustic, outdoor themes. Other options include bringing the indoors outside. This means transforming a patio into an outdoor kitchen or living room. When making the decision on what style or theme to go with, one should utilize features that are already available around the patio, such as a pool, a firepit, a garden, or a hot tub.

Patio Furniture and Accessories

Once a theme is decided upon, one can now shop for patio furniture which fits the description of the theme. Furniture to consider buying may include patio furniture sets, Adirondack chairs, or patio bars. These items can be bought in wicker, cedar, metal, teak, wrought iron, or wood. For those who already have patio furniture, something as simple as a new set of cushions or a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to change the look.

The accessories play an important part in the making of a patio theme. Accessories may include patio furniture cushions and covers, patio umbrellas and stands, storage benches, rugs, and potted plants. Pillows are a great accessory due to the ease of changing pillow covers to match a new color or theme. New pillow covers are relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

For added ambience, one could consider a water fountain . There is nothing more peaceful than the sound of water flowing. There are many different styles available from tabletop fountains to large yard fountains.

Fire pits are also a nice added feature to the patio area. Everyone enjoys relaxing around a warm fire at night roasting marshmallows. There are a few varieties to choose from including fire pits, chimineas, and patio heaters.


The proper lighting is a major consideration of patio decorating. Soft, subtle lighting can offer tranquility and relaxation on a warm summer evening. There are many options for lighting and it can come in the form of candles, fire pits, paper lanterns, tiki torches, strung lights, solar lights, luminaries, or lampposts. For those with electricity on the patio, outdoor ceiling lights with fans are a nice touch. For pool and hot tub areas, LED color changing lights create the perfect party atmosphere.

Grills and Accessories

Most often, a portion of patio space is utilized by a grill and its accessories. The amount of space a grill requires is relatively small. With the wide range of grill sizes, it should not be a problem to find the perfect fit. Grill options include gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric grills. Many grills also have burners attached which make it great for heating up the hot dog sauce while the hot dogs cook. One can also buy carts to accompany the grill. The carts are used for storing condiments, plates, napkins, and utensils. They can also be used as the preparatory area in which to put the finishing touches on the burgers and hot dogs once they are done.

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