Skirt steaks are cut from the lower portion of the midsection of the cow known as the plate and the flank. It is a long, thin cut, maybe a half inch high. This type of cut is interlaced with thin strips of fat, giving the steak its delicious flavor. The skirt steak is one of the tougher cuts of meat, but if properly prepared, it is delicious.

There are a number of ways to cook skirt steaks. You can throw this boneless cut on to the barbecue grill, broil it or cook it in a pan. The latter is the preferred method for maximum taste. The pan frying method allows the steak to cook in its own juices instead of dripping away from the meat. It might not be the healthiest way to prepare a steak (it absorbs more fat than if it was broiled or grilled), but is the tastiest.

When you go to the grocery store or butcher to buy some skirt steaks, you should look for cuts that have been well trimmed and only have a thin layer of fat on them. When you get home, you should carefully remove a little more of the fat and then place the steak in a marinade for about an hour. The marinade can be a store bought steak sauce or a homemade concoction of your own. I enjoy making a marinade out of worcestershire sauce combined with some water, ground pepper and onion powder. Get a large bowl and pour the marinade over the skirt steak and allow it to be absorbed into the meat.

Next, take a medium sized onion and slice it into half inch sections. Drop them in to the bowl containing the steak and marinade so they will add some more flavor and also soften up a bit. After sufficient time (about an hour) has passed, you are ready to begin cooking the skirt steak. Place a large frying pan over a medium heat and add a few drops of olive oil. Once the pan has heated up, take the steak out of the marinade and sear it on both sides until it is slightly browned. Now, reduce the heat just a little bit and pour the marinade and onion mix into the pan. Watch closely and turn the skirt steak over every few minutes to make sure it cooks evenly. In about fifteen minutes, the steak will be cooked just right (a little pink in the center).

When the steak is finished cooking, turn the heat off and using a large strainer, poor the marinade down the drain. Place the steak on a nice plate and top with the soft-cooked onions. That’s a great way to cook a skirt steak for dinner, but there is also a way to prepare it for lunch.

Because of its relatively thin cut, skirt steak is an excellent choice for making a cheesesteak sandwich. As described above, marinade and add onions and cook in the frying pan. For this sandwich, add some sliced green pepper and allow it to soften. Slice the steak into thin strips and toss back into the pan.

When it is almost done, drain the liquid out of the pan and return the pan to the stove. With a spatula, push the pieces of meat together so they form about a three inch wide, six inch long rectangle. Place two pieces of provolone cheese on top and let it melt. After a coupe of minutes, carefully remove and place the steak,onions, peppers and melted cheese on a sliced piece of french bread. Slice the sandwich in half and enjoy!


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