Corn on the cob is a summer favorite at most homes. You can easily cook this on the grill right along with your meat. This is a simple side dish that everyone will love to eat. It is also very affordable. You can pick this up at your grocery store, but don’t be afraid to try the local farmer’s market. Roadside fruit stands will have this available to purchase as well.

You will start out be selecting your corn at the store. You will want to peel back the husks just a tiny bit. The silk inside the husk should be a pale color. This way you can see that the corn is good and does not have bugs. You will be able to tell by just a quick look at the corn.

Once you have your corn home, it is time to get it ready. First off you should fill a bowl full of cold water. You will then put your corn on the cob in it to soak. It should soak for about 15 minutes. This will help hold moisture in and make it cook better. While your corn is soaking, get your grill started and turned on ready to go.

Remove the corn from the water and shake off the extra water. Next you will want to remove the silk from the corn. The best way to do this is pull back the husk just a bit. You do not want to remove the husk because you are going to leave it on while cooking your corn. Remove all of the silk that you can from each piece of corn.

You can season the corn before you cook it if you prefer. Olive oil or butter brushed onto the corn tastes great. You can add a bit of salt, pepper, or any other seasoning you would like on your corn. Make sure that you pull the husk back up on the corn when you are done. You can tie them on with a piece of the husk or a small piece of string if they are not staying on well.

To cook the corn on the cob, simply place it on the grill with the husk still intact. Turn the corn every few minutes to make sure you are cooking each side evenly. You do not want to overcook your corn. The husk will get very dark while it is cooking. It should take 20-30 minutes to cook it completely. The corn will be very hot when you remove it from the grill. Make sure that you use an oven mitt or towel.

Remove the husk from the corn. This is going to be hot so be careful not to burn yourself. Once you have taken off the entire husk, you can then season your corn if you did not do so earlier. You might also want to add a bit more butter at this point. It will melt since the corn is so hot. This is perfect for the best tasting corn on the grill. Insert corn skewers and enjoy your corn on the cob hot off of the grill.

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