Steak on the Stove

Steak on the Stove

Summer is grilling season and by default steak on the grill season. However, sometimes we might not be able to use the grill to cook a steak and we have to manage by cooking a steak on the stove. If you do not have an inside grill or a covered patio, you can still cook a delicious steak on your gas or electric stove.

The first thing to consider is to choose a good piece of meat. Choose the cut of meat that you prefer, either tenderloin, sirloin or rib eye. Choose the quality of the meat as well, prime, choice, or select. Prime is the best quality, top, choice is good quality, and select is alright, leaner, but a bit drier. It is best to stick to those categories, as a lower grade will not give you the best results. The more marbled the steak the better. Choose the thickness that you prefer, thinner cuts cook easily.

Once you have picked out your steak, it is preferable to marinate it the day before and leave it on the refrigerator covered, so it can absorb the seasonings. If you bought an aged steak, do not marinate it as this kind of steak is processed to give it a distinct flavor and marinating it will ruin its purpose. Choose the types of seasonings that you enjoy best or buy a specially made one for steaks only, which you can find at any grocery store. You can use a simple mixture of salt, garlic, oil, and pepper, if you do not want too many spices. Some people add a bit of vinegar to the mixture and rub it in. Some people like to enjoy the taste of the meat by itself and do not put anything on it. It is a matter of personal taste. Assuming that you bought a fresh cut of meat you should not have to thaw it, if not, thaw, and then marinate a day before cooking. It is optional to trim the excess fat a bit.

One important word of advice is to never poke holes on the steak, you do not want the juices of the meat to evaporate or come out while cooking. Use a frying pan according to size and prepare the pan with a bit of olive oil. Rub some oil too on the steak, as it has been marinating from the day before and you want to wake up the meat to get it ready for the pan. A cast iron skillet or pan works best, but if you do not have one you can use a regular frying pan.

Let the oil and the pan heat. If you are using olive oil or butter do not overheat as the butter will turn brown and the olive oil will take a funny taste. If you are not sure, heat the cast iron first, and rub the oil (carefully) later and heat up a bit.

Once your surface is ready, put the steak on the pan and leave it cooking on high for about three minutes. Do not disturb the meat at this time; let it cook in its juices. Flip the meat using thongs; do not use anything that will perforate the meat, as you do not want the juices to come out. Cook the other side for another three minutes. At this point, you should have a rare to medium steak. Cook more while flipping if you want it more done. Once done to your liking serve it, or if you need to do something before, covered it in aluminum paper so it does not lose the juicy texture or dry. It will keep it warm so you can serve it right away.

This is a simple way to cook a steak on the stove.

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