A lean to shed can be a great way to increase storage space without spending a fortune building a conventional shed. If you want to know how to build a lean to shed, then follow the steps in this article and you will be well on your way. As is the case with any building project, make sure that you are familiar with the specific building codes in your area. Before you begin this project you are going to need to assembly the proper materials. Here is a list of the materials that you are going to need:

Circular saw
Carpenter’s Level
Concrete Blocks
Pre-Hung Door
Door Hardware
Piece of Paper
Roof Felt
Asphalt Roof Tiles
Silicone Caulk

Step One: Do Your Homework

The first thing that you are going to need to do is figure out how large you want the lean to shed to be. Measure the area in which you want to build the shed and perform the mathematical calculations to ascertain the shed’s height and width. Sketching out the three sides of the shed can be very helpful in figuring out the particular dimensions that you want it to be.

Step Two: Frame the Floor

Using your stakes and string, mark off the area where you are going to be building the floor. Using the concrete blocks as a base, frame out the dimensions of the floor and nail it together. After you have framed it out, cut the plywood to the size that you need and nail it to the top of the frame. Make sure that the floor is level using a carpenter’s level.

Step Three: Frame the Walls

Frame up the four walls,or three walls if you are planning on using the exterior wall of your home as the back of the shed, to the height that you have predetermined in step one. Use nails to attach them to the floor and at the points where the corners intersect. This is also a good time to attach the back wall to the exterior side of your home. After you have attached all the pieces together using nails, brace the walls with corner brackets.

Step Four: Attach the Door

Using your tape measure and pencil, mark off where you need to cut the opening for the door. After you have marked it off, take the saw and cut an opening for the pre-hung door. Install the door and secure in place. Take your silicone caulk and place a nice even bead around the door frame. You can now install the door knob and the lock.

Step Five: Build the Walls

Take two-by-four planks of wood and nail them horizontally to the wall frames to completely enclose it. Take your string and make a plumb line to ensure that all of the corners are square.

Step Six: Build the Roof

Now it’s time to build the roof rafters. If you are comfortable with your carpentry skills you can build a pitched roof. If not, then you can make a basic flat roof. For the pitched roof, attach the two-by-fours together to make the rafters L-shaped and attach them to the wall frames using nails. For the flat roof, simply mount the two-by-fours across the top of the walls and nail them down. After you have framed out the roof rafters, lay sheets of plywood down and nail them to this frame. Hit the areas where the pieces of wood come together with silicone caulk to make sure that they wont leak. After the caulk has dried, cover the plywood with roof felt and nail them into place. The final procedure is attaching the asphalt shingles to the roof in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Nail the shingles in place.

Step Seven: Finishing Up

Using a course grade of sandpaper, go over the entire exterior of the shed. You can now apply your favorite coat of waterproof paint. If you wish, you can build shelving for the inside of the shed and secure it to the walls with nails. Your lean to shed is now ready to be used.

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