Baked beans are a standard side dish that come out in the summer time at barbecues and picnics. Stop in any restaurant that serves barbecue and expect to find baked beans on the menu. They’re great for large gatherings and pot luck suppers because they are easy and flavorful. While one can simply open a canned brand and heat it on the stove, making baked beans in the oven improves the flavor.

Using Canned Baked Beans as a Base

For the cook who is in a hurry, looking for something convenient, or simply doesn’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, canned baked beans can be used in the oven. A casserole dish or glass pan can be used.

The beans of any variety can be placed in a bowl and then it is time to add more ingredients to spice them up. Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans are an excellent option. They are thick and hearty with a wonderful consistency. They also have no extra flavorings added; this will allow the cook to add other ingredients that will create a unique taste. Onions, dry mustard, molasses, brown sugar, and bacon are typical additions to any baked bean recipe. Maple syrup can also be added for a really nice, sweet flavor.

For those who love barbecue of any variety, a barbecue sauce of choice can be added instead of brown sugar, molasses, and maple syrup. Tomato sauce or paste can be used as well. Everything can be blended in the mixing bowl and then spread in the pan. Next, brown sugar is sprinkled on top and slices of raw bacon are layered across the top. The pan is then set in the oven.

Baked beans that are cooked in the oven will come out best when baked on a low heat for a long period of time until the beans really start to bubble and the bacon is completely cooked. Baking at 300 degrees for about two hours should be sufficient. provides Sandy’s Baked Beans recipe that uses canned baked beans and a simple recipe. If using baked beans that already have sauce, it would be wise to add fewer ingredients so that there isn’t an overkill in flavoring. They will not need to bake for as long of a period either and may be preferred for those times when in a hurry.

Oven Baked Beans from Scratch

When choosing to make baked beans from scratch in the oven, many of the ingredients will be the same. The main difference is the beans that are used. Dried navy beans are the most popular choice and they need to be prepared ahead of time before they are baked. The first step is to soak them overnight to soften the beans. They will then be boiled for an hour to an hour and a half.

The next step is to start adding the ingredients to the beans in a mixing bowl in the same manner that the recipes are prepared with canned baked beans. has a baked bean recipe that uses navy or white beans. Garlic, worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper and black pepper are some new additions that give this particular recipe a kick. This particular version of baked beans has to bake at 400 degrees for an hour and fifteen minutes. It goes well with sausage or kielbasa.

Regardless of which recipe is chosen, baked beans in the oven make for a hearty dish that will bring back memories from childhood and are a great comfort food. This is a definite must for anyone who wants something that will stick to the ribs. One of the best parts about baked beans that are made in the oven is the ability to personalize the recipe. The cook can toss in anything he or she prefers. It can be an Italian variety with a tomato base and sliced pepperoni or ground beef with barbecue sauce can transform baked beans into something similar to chili. See the following video on youtube for a Boston Baked bean recipe in the oven. This can use canned beans or raw beans that have been prepared the previous night. Give it a try and enjoy this flavorful dish.


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