Skunks can be a frustrating animal to have lurking around your house. A skunk can spray its musk up to 15 feet, which means that the skunks around your home are extremely likely to cause it to stink. The following guide will help you get rid of those pesky skunks.

Cut Off Their Food Source

The best way to prevent skunks from lurking around your house is to cut off their food source. Skunks are scavengers that can eat literally anything you leave around your house. One of the most common skunk attractants is garbage. It’s important that you place your trash in a large locking garbage can. Try to avoid leaving any bags of trash exposed. If you do not have a locking trashcan and cannot buy one, you can place your trash in your garage and shut the door.

Pet food is another skunk attractant, especially for individuals who own outdoor animals. If at all possible, avoid placing any animal food outside. Try bringing outdoor animals inside to eat their meals.

Skunks will also chow down on any fruits or nuts that are lying on the ground. If you own any fruit or nut bearing trees or bushes, it’s important to walk your yard every day or two and remove any that have fallen onto the ground. This will help eliminate a potential source of food for the skunks.

There are several other food sources that attract skunks, including compost heaps, water sources, ground dwelling insects, and bird or squirrel feeder spills. If at all possible, any and all of these attractants should be removed.

Repel Them

While the best way to get rid of skunks is by cutting off their food source, it is also possible to get rid of them through the use of repellents. Unfortunately, skunk repellents are inconsistent and many skunks are not bothered by these methods.

Outdoor flood lights or motion sensor lights may help to get rid of skunks. Skunks are nocturnal animals and do not like being seen. They will attempt to hide in the darkness and eat where they will not be disturbed. Lighting the area around your house may help prevent them from lurking around.

Spicy pepper repellents can be an effective way of getting rid of skunks, but they must be reapplied frequently. It is best to apply the spicy pepper repellent to everything the skunk may come in contact with. This method may not be a good idea if you have domesticated animals.

Motion detector sprinklers are another option to repel skunks. These sprinklers can be purchased at home improvement stores and will automatically spray any animal that is wandering around in your yard. Unfortunately, it is possible for the skunks to run past the sprinkler and reach your house, but it may still be worth a try.

Create a Barrier

Building a barrier to keep out skunks can be difficult. Skunks are horrible at climbing, so a fence of nearly any size will effectively protect your yard from skunks. Unfortunately, skunks can squeeze themselves through holes that are as small as four inches wide. If you are building a barrier to attempt to keep skunks out of your yard, you will need to implant it several inches underground. This will prevent the skunks from digging under the barrier to get into your yard.


There are many options for getting rid of skunks, but the best option is to eliminate their food sources. Like all creatures, skunks will travel to wherever the food is located. If you remove their food source, they will move on and go somewhere else.


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