There’s no denying it; garages are dumping grounds for old and used belongings. Over the years, garages collect a multitude of boxes, holiday decorations, old clothes and toys, in addition to all of the other tools and gear that are kept in the garage. And unlike messy closets within the home, it can be hard to organize a garage without having the proper organizational tools.

That is however, until you choose to install cabinets into your garage. Garage cabinets provide instant shelving and storage space and are an easy do-it-yourself project. With the wide range of both new and recycled materials, it’s easy to choose garage storage cabinets that fit any budget or lifestyle.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Metal Garage Cabinets

Before you head to the local hardware store, there are some important factors to take into consideration. First think about how much room you have to designate to cabinet space. A standard garage size is 500 square feet, making it one of the larger rooms of the home. Although garages can be large, parked cars will take up most, if not all, of the available space. If you park your vehicles in the garage, be sure that you will be able to access and open and close the cabinet doors comfortably.

Also consider what you will be storing in the garage wall cabinets. There are many types of materials to choose from, with metal and stainless steel being the most durable. If you know you are going to be storing heavy duty materials in your garage tool cabinets, opt for a strong material from the start.

Finally, consider any workspace you may want to include with your custom garage cabinets. For example, if you’re storing all of your tools or gardening supplies in the steel garage cabinets, you may want to include a space to cut wood or pot plants. Purchasing cheap garage cabinets in sets may prove useful, as these handy arrangements come with several cabinet units and built-in shelving.

Choosing a Material for Your Garage Cabinet

You want your garage base cabinets to look attractive in order to keep your garage updated and fresh. That is why it is so important to choose the right type of material for your garage cabinet. Often times, people opt for inexpensive wooden cabinets for that very reason; they’re cheap and easy to install. On the downside, the cabinets lose their appeal quickly, as the wood begins to warp and the durability decreases. Instead, save money in the long run by investing in a sturdy material.

Metal. One of the most popular types of material for garage cabinet systems, metal is both durable and easy to maintain. Metal is a favorite for garages because it’s not affected by weather changes and it gives the garage a sleek and modern look. Although one of the most expensive choices, some manufacturers offer lightweight metal cabinets at discounted rates.

Steel. One of the most expensive options on the market, stainless steel garage cabinets are ideal for garages. Not only do they stand up well to temperature changes and moisture, but they require little to no maintenance. To restore their look, give them a quick wipe using a damp cloth.

Wood. Versatile and available in a variety of finishes, wooden garage cabinets are a great addition to any garage. They’re less expensive than other options on the market and easy to install. On the downside, wooden garage cabinet organizers will need a lot of upkeep and maintenance to restore their original look. Also note that wooden cabinets are only ideal in garages that are dry and breezy.

Plastic. Inexpensive and easy to install, plastic garage cabinets make great storage units in garages. They’re easy to keep clean and hold up well to frequent use. In fact, many homeowners consider plastic cabinets to be the next best thing to steel cabinets. The drawback is that plastic garage cabinets can be bulky and unattractive.

Aluminum. Aluminum garage cabinets are another budget-friendly option that’s both sleek looking and durable. These cabinets come in a wide variety of colors, making them easy to personalize to your garage.

Custom vs. Readymade Garage Cabinets

As with any type of home improvement project, rolling garage cabinets can either be purchased readymade or custom made. The advantages to readymade modular garage cabinets are obvious; they are less expensive, come in a variety of materials and can be purchased and installed same-day. However, you should not rule out custom made garage cabinets, even though they will cost significantly more.

Custom made garage cabinets are built specifically to your needs, which is helpful if you’re storing something out of the ordinary. In addition, you can choose any type of material or finish for your discount garage cabinets, giving your garage the look you’re going for. Furthermore, many specialty companies will deliver the cabinets to your home and provide installation.

Installation Tips

Before installing your garage shelving cabinets, make sure you have a plan in action. If you do not have a person to help you lift the cabinets onto the wall, purchase a cabinet jack that allows you to lift, maneuver and support the cabinets yourself. Install wall cabinets first so that you do not have to lean over lower hanging garage cabinets or risk the chance of damaging them. Remove the drawers and doors of the cabinets before installation to reduce the weight. Use painter’s tape to label which drawers and doors go where. If the cabinet doors are too difficult to remove, tape heavy cardboard over them to reduce the chance of them being damaged.

Also join two or more cabinets together instead of installing them onto the wall individually. This will make it easier to connect the cabinets to one another as evenly as possible. Drive a screw into the top lips of cabinets, near the back part. This will provide more support for lifting and positioning. Make sure that when installing base cabinets, they are flush with one another so that the countertops will be even and supported. To do this, you may have to use shims behind the cabinet.

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