Use a flat wallet to keep your essential items better organized and more accessible with stylish fashion. The catch-all billfold that can expand to softball size with a conglomeration of unsightly papers, bills, cards, and photos is a relic of the past. Flat wallets simplify or eliminate many of the oft-repeated, sometimes time-consuming searches that occur in purses or standard wallets.

Among the items that a mini flat wallet could make easily accessible are: Ids, license, currency, change, credit cards, receipts, bills, checkbook, cell phone, notepad or planner, and a pencil. Because individual priorities vary, flat frame wallets come with many different features and in many different looks to meet every woman’s need.

Flat wallets for women are folded lengthwise. They are very thin, usually between ½ inch and 1 inch thick when closed, and have limited expandability – they cannot be overstuffed. Some flat checkbook wallets are hinged on a metal frame, while others have a flexible, reinforced seam of the same material as the wallet. They usually have a clasp to shut them but some have a wrap-around zipper.

The smaller-sized flat wallets are only 5 or 6 inches long and have the advantage of fitting into very small handbags or purses. They usually have a clear pocket to hold an ID and a limited number of slots for credit cards. Currency, which is 6 inches long, must be folded and inserted into a slot. They cannot hold a checkbook since standard checks are 6 inches by 3 inches.

Because large flat wallets are between 7 and 7.5 inches long and between 3.75 and 4.5 inches wide, their contents do not need to be folded; e.g. money, receipts, bills, or a checkbook. Flat fold wallets are available in all the latest patterns and colors and can be made of canvas, nylon, pvc, or leather – patent, real or imitation.

To make it easy to see everything inside, most flat wallets open flat. Some designs include extra inserts with small slots for credit cards, gift cards or even photos. Because of the limited space, these inserts are sometimes removable, allowing for greater flexibility in organizing the essential items needed in the wallet. Accordion style flat wallets are available as well. These have two or three dividers with small slots for an id and various cards. They also have three or four compartments between the dividers to organize currency, receipts, and other papers. Accordion-style wallets do not open flat.

Many, but not all, leather flat wallets are made to hold a checkbook. Some design the checkbook to go inside the wallet, and others design an large checkbook slot outside the wallet or add a wrap-over flap that will hold the checkbook. When planning to carry a checkbook, consider that space inside the wallet is limited. A thick book of checks with duplicates or including a check register may require an outside design.

The best way to keep change is in an outside pouch. Many flat wallets have internal zippered pouches, but since the inside space is limited, the amount of change that can be kept inside is limited. Plus, coins may tear these internal pouches.

Additionally, a cell phone can be carried in an outside slot on some flat wallets. Cell phone slots will hold most modern styles and sizes, but not all.

Since they hold items that are most essential, mens flat wallets can often be carried alone, and are fashionable as a clutch for an evening out. A wrist or shoulder strap is available with some flat wallets, allowing them to be carried hands-free. If a flat wallet does not come with a strap, it likely will not have a place to attach a strap.

It is wise to match all your specific needs with the specific flat wallet features. Some may consider getting a second wallet for functionality or fashion flexibility.

Many men find value in the thin design and clean organization of flat wallets. Flat wallets for men are generally made of flexible leather-like material, are sized to hold a checkbook and a planner, have a vertical-fold with no clasp, and are worn in the jacket pocket. They too allow easy storage and convenient access to the most important cards and documents.


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