Fast remortgages as the name implies is a remortgage that is done quickly. Remortgages in general are kind of a dark hole as far as the public’s knowledge of them is concerned. Most people seem to have little knowledge of it, especially fast remortgages. Before one gets into fast remortgages it is first important to know what a remortgage is. To put things simply, a remortgage is when one changes ones mortgage agreement without having to leave ones property or house. Basically what is happening is, the lender will be changed with the option that one will get a better interest rate compared to the current lender. This is what in a nut shell is considered to be a remortgage. One need not change the current lender, if one can continue to get a good interest rate with the current lender..

Sometimes borrowers may be in a situation where they will have to remortgage quickly so that they don’t lose their house. A deal may be struck with the bank for a lower interest rate very quickly. This, as mentioned before is what is known as a fast remortgage. This is usually done by borrowers who are in deep financial trouble. A fast remortgage can be negotiated in a little as a few days or a couple of weeks at most as opposed to several months. This may be the only option for the borrower if the borrower does not want to get kicked out of the house. Even with the current financial crisis it is possible to get a fast remortgage. On the other hand getting a first time mortgage is more difficult than it used to be. Bankers are not handing out the money as easily as they used to.

Interestingly because of the present financial crisis it is easier to get a remortgage especially a fast remortgage than it was before. After all, a foreclosed house is of no use to a bank especially if they cannot find somebody to buy it. In that scenario it is a better deal for the lenders to renegotiate the loan amount with the borrower. The philosophy of, some business is better than no business seems to be at play here. The bottom line is that lenders can lose a lot of money on a foreclosure. That is why if one is in a financial crisis it is always a good idea to look into a fast remortgage and take advantage of the lower interest rate. Now let us look at some of the benefits of getting a fast remortgage.

  1. In the long run a fast remortgage will save you money.
  2. When one gets a remortgage, you also have the option of generating additional finances; this is done with the equity of the house.
  3. You will be able to consolidate ones loan into a single monthly payment. There are financial services companies that specialize in this.
  4. By getting additional funds by remortgaging, one will have additional funds for other expenses such as college tuition or refurbishing the house.
  5. Compared to other types of loans, fast remortagage loans will have the lowest interest rates.

Even though fast remortgages have the lowest rates there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Fast remortgages come with some associated costs. These costs are called “redemption penalties”. One has to remember to factor this in, in the scheme of things. This will be different with each financial services company and may depend on ones negotiating skill. All in all, majority of borrowers feel that even with additional costs, a fast remortgages is still well worth it, because of the money saved in the long term. Customers nowadays have many options at their finger tips if they wish to take advantage of it. One of the best places to start looking is of course the internet. Even if one is not going to do the actual remortagaging on the net, just looking around and gathering info is a good way to start. That way one will have a good basic knowledge as to what to expect. Some web sites to get started on are given below.


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