Are you looking to install new flooring? Do you like tile flooring? There are many different types of tile, some include, ceramic, and marble, which gives a room a look of elegance and a walkable surface that is beautiful and durable. No matter what type of tile you install, it does need regular routine maintenance, and some prevention techniques to keep it looking new and at its best.

There are hundreds of colors to choose from and a large variety of sizes and types. Ceramic flooring makes it easy to give your home a customized appeal. Before you make a purchase tile for your DIY tile flooring project there are some things that you need to know.

Types of Trim

Ceramic tile is available in many different types of trim. Knowing about them a little better will allow you choose what is best for your application. Three of these trims are bullnose, corner bullnose and sanitary cove base.

  • Bullnose is a ceramic tile trim that looks like a bullnose. It features a rounded edge along one side of the trim. This type of trim is used to present a soft finishing touch with a pleasant-look.
  • Corner-Bullnose is a ceramic tile trim that has two rounded edges, usually used to complete a corner.
  • Sanitary Cove base is a ceramic tile trim that is similar in design to bullnose. It also has a rounded top, which is used to cover the body of the tile.

When shopping for ceramic tile there is unlimited variety of colors and styles to choose from. Some are even designed to look and have a textural feel of real stone tiles. While there is a large variety of color, some may have a slight variation of color in different manufactured batches.

What is Grout?

The way grout looks in the store and the way it appears on when installed is very different. Grout may also differ slightly in the batches due to the effects of humidity. It’s best to choose grout that is in similar color to your ceramic tile. This will help to make it less obvious. Darker colored grout is best used in high traffic areas to conceal dirt and debris that is left behind between cleanings. Depending on where you are installing your tile, pay close attention to bathroom grout as it darkens over time the more it is exposed to water.

The Sub-floor

In a perfect world, sub-floor would be level at all angles. But, this is not the case in the real world. Most sub-flooring has some dips and peaks. In those areas, you may hear hollow sounds. This is perfectly normal when walking over those shallow spots. This does not affect the solidarity of the ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Flooring Cost

Make sure to shop around for the best price for the type and color of the ceramic tile that you are seeking. Also, make sure to dispose of the old flooring materials appropriately. Check on the warranty of your newly purchased ceramic tile. You can check with the manufacturer for this information. Also ask about cleaning and maintenance recommendations. This will help to ensure that your floor always looks it best.

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