Updating your kitchen may be as simple as adding a few kitchen cupboard accessories which will bring it into the 21st century. Back when many homes were built, homemakers didn’t have as much equipment as is necessary in a modern kitchen. They didn’t have microwaves, food processors, the variety of cookware and utensils, or the need for a kitchen island with a second sink. Since that time, kitchen cupboard accessories have been developed to efficiently store these additional items while making them easily accessible.

It’s becoming important to most women, as well as some men, to have the additional counter and storage space provided by a kitchen island. These islands come with various features including wine racks, kitchen cupboards with glass fronts for display purposes, pot racks, bins, butcher block countertops, towel bars, adjustable spice and condiment caddies, baskets, bins, and shelves. Inside of DIY kitchen cupboards you can add appliance lifts to hold kitchen equipment, such as a stand mixer or other small appliances. Additional accessories, including trash bins and drop sides which provide additional kitchen seating, are also very desirable.

Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be just empty boxes with shelves any longer. Instead of having lost space in corners, you will be able to add lazy susans and corner systems that will give you full access to all of your cupboard space. There are also similar systems that can be added to center cabinets which pull out so that you can get to items in the back that were very difficult to access before. Drawer organizers are available to keep cutlery and silverware sorted and easy to find, and you can even have the organizers you need custom made. You can also find sink drawers which add some usable space in that dead space between your sink and base kitchen cupboards where you can keep a sponge, soap, or other small items.

Wire racks are another accessory that come in handy when updating your kitchen wall cupboards. For instance, any kitchen can use a rack that will hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and waxed paper. Back in the ’60s, people had nifty chrome racks which hung on the wall and kept these items organized. Dispensers such as these have passed into oblivion, however, as people are stepping up to more modern ideas, such as internal cupboard door racks.

Another great accessory for any kitchen is a pantry. Maybe you already have one, but it’s full of wasted space and hard-to-reach areas. With modern pantry inserts, you’ll be able to upgrade in a hurry by doing such things as adding extra can storage on the back of the pantry doors. There are also different types of floor-to-ceiling lazy susans which can be fitted inside of a pantry to give 360 degree access. You can also find inserts for base pantry cabinets which can turn any cupboard space into a super storage area.

If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive way to rev up the way they look, you can do this is by adding glass panels to some of your cupboard doors. The glass will break up the all-alike look of your kitchen and allow you to display items of your choosing. The good thing about glass is that it’s a very cost-effective solution to your dilemma, and it can have the effect of opening up your kitchen a bit so that it looks larger and brighter.

There are three different types of glass you can add to your kitchen corner cupboards. They are:
Clear – just like your window glass. This glass is ideal for displaying dishes or glass items.
Obscure – patterns in the glass distort images inside the cheap kitchen cupboards when you try to look through them. This means that although you’ll be able to see inside the cupboard, the image will be diffused.
Opaque – frosted or stained glass which you can’t see through. If you’d like to have glass in your cupboard doors, and you don’t want anyone to be able to see what’s inside, it’s a good idea to choose an opaque glass which will block the contents from view.

Be careful that you don’t get carried away and put too many glass panels in your cupboard doors, because a little bit of them tends to go a long way. Since they look different than your other cupboards, they will automatically become a focal point in your room. Before starting to replace wood panels with glass, stop and stand back and try to visualize various cabinets with glass in them. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can choose free standing kitchen cupboards where you feel glass would look the best.

There’s no reason to continue to live with tall kitchen cupboards that just don’t work in our modern world, because there are so many different cupboard accessories you can find to add efficiency and space.

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